Want To Get Married Sooner? Meet Your Partner On A Dating App

While dating apps don’t have the best reputation for being facilitators of life-long relationships, it is possible to meet your soulmate online. In fact, a new study has revealed some interesting facts about the strength of these partnerships, and it might just restore your faith in love enough to keep swiping.

A good amount of users are looking for love.

 While there’s certainly no shortage of people looking for a quick hookup, according to a study by SimpleTexting, a good portion of dating app users are actually looking for something a little more long-term. They discovered that 44.1% of women and 38.4% of guys actually want a partner and were hoping to find one online.

Of course, there are some with less than noble intentions.

For those who weren’t really looking for anything serious, the motivation for being on dating app differed, with 18.7% admitting they wanted a casual arrangement, 11.7% wanting to make new friends, and 6.2% just wanting a bit of an ego stroke. There’s even a small portion of users—1.9% to be specific—who confessed to just wanting a free meal.

Tinder still reigns supreme.

Of all the dating app users in the US, 8.2 million are on Tinder. Plenty of Fish comes in a close second at 6.7 million users while Match.com and OK Cupid both boast 5.1 million. Grindr pulls in a respectable (lol) 1.9 million users while Bumble has 1.4 million.

Couples who meet online have average odds of making it.

About 14% of couples who initially meet on a dating app end up getting engaged or married, while 15% manage to make it at least a year. About a quarter of couples only go on one or two dates and some never make it at all, but hey, you have to take a chance sometimes!

If you want to get married sooner, meeting online is your best bet.

A separate study discovered that couples who met online and ended up getting married tended to do so within four years, while those who met in person first waited a decade on average before tying the knot. No one way is “right,” per se, but if you were hoping to walk down the aisle sooner rather than later, swiping might be your best bet.

Love on the Internet: Do Dating Apps Lead to a Real Relationship?
Love on the Internet: Do Dating Apps Lead to a Real Relationship? Created By: PeopleFinders

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