Want To Make Him Go Crazy? Kiss Him In These 10 Places

If you’re a sexually liberated woman, you probably know a lot about how to make a guy feel good, but blowing his mind is a whole new ball game. Luckily, all you need to know is the right buttons to push. The next time you’re kissing him, try these spots to drive him crazy.

  1. His bottom lip This might seem like an obvious place to begin, but a lot of women don’t know that a slight change of pace and a little playful nibbling can take what seems like an ordinary kiss to a whole new level. Surprise your guy with a sexy twist by biting a little harder on his bottom lip while going in for a kiss (though obviously not hard enough to draw blood) and watch him get all flustered.
  2. The sides and the front of his neck Did you know the thyroid gland is just below the Adam’s apple and research has shown that it’s linked to the sexual organs? By running your mouth over a guy’s Adam’s apple and moving your tongue in circles, you can really get him hot. Try alternating between that and the sides of his neck as the nerve endings there are almost always on alert. Get them going and you’ll have yourself to thank for all the excitement that follows.
  3. His ears A guy’s earlobes are like a live-action wire and sparks will fly if you get anywhere close to them. Trace the outline of his ears with your tongue, kiss it, lick it, suck it, nibble on it, and keep playing even when he begs you to stop. There are worse things than a guy losing his mind over you, after all.
  4. His nipples Just like the female clitoris, men’s nipples are just there to provide sexual pleasure. Play around them with your tongue but try avoiding sucking on them for a long time. The sensation build up is going to send waves of pleasure rocking through his body. For a little extra kinkiness, try rubbing ice on your lips or tuck a cube in the corner of your lips before you begin kissing him there.
  5. The back of his knees You probably would never have guessed it, but you can literally make a guy go weak in the knees when you kiss that soft patch of flesh behind his. He’s going to go wild with desire and be completely at your mercy, so stroke and pester him with tender kisses if that’s the reaction you’re hoping for.
  6. His perineum Take a trip to the land of wonders that exists between a guy’s scrotum and his anus. That strip of flesh is close to the prostate gland, so there are nerve endings scattered around. If you think you’ve heard your guy moan, try kissing his perineum and watch him squeal and jerk around like he’s being electrocuted.
  7. The legendary F-spot. Don’t be the woman who thinks giving a blowjob is just about sticking his package in your mouth and going off on it, there’s a lot more you can be doing to send him over the edge. A man’s F-spot is the frenulum, that rubber-like tissue underneath the crown of the penis that connects it to the shaft. lightly kissing this band of flesh is guaranteed to bring any guy close to an orgasmic explosion.
  8. His lower back There’s a sensitive surprise waiting at the bottom of a guy’s spinal cord and your mouth is just what is needed to deliver it. Get him to lie on his stomach with his shirt off and torture him with tantalizing kisses. He’ll love it.
  9. The inner thighs Sure, guys don’t wax and their thighs are all hairy, but don’t let that stop you from exploring the area. Their inner thighs are super sensitive to even the slightest suggestion of touch, so give them a lot of attention. Stroke his thighs with your tongue and trails soft kisses up and down until he can’t bear it anymore.
  10. His testicles The trick here is gentleness. It’s understandable if you’re not attracted to that particular body part, but your guy’s scrotum is a treasure pot that you cannot afford to ignore. Don’t forget to stimulate that little seam that separates the scrotum in two if you want to send him to Pleasure Island and keep him there.
  11. The trusty glutes Men’s butts are usually neglected territory except when you’re holding onto them in the throes of your own pleasure, but you can make guys go crazy when you kiss them there.
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