Watermelon Mimosas Are The Classy, Summery Addition Your Brunch Needs

I know people don’t seem to be as nuts about brunch these days, especially since many of us don’t live in places where going to sit at a restaurant for some pancakes and bottomless mimosas is even a possibility right now. However, that doesn’t mean the tradition needs to die out! Have brunch at home this summer and when you do, make a batch of these watermelon mimosas while you’re at it.

Watermelon mimosas are the perfect twist on the classic. While regular mimosas use orange juice, sometimes you want a little something different. Now that the weather is getting warmer, adding watermelon to your mimosas instead makes them feel extra light and refreshing and I’m all for it.

You only need five ingredients. Five! Buy a mini watermelon or maybe watermelon slices (you’ll want some leftovers later), a lime, some granulated sugar, a bottle of champagne or prosecco, and some mint. That’s literally all you need to make some bomb watermelon mimosas, according to the recipe by Delish.

They literally take, like, 10 minutes to make. It’s basically the least amount of effort you’ll need to put into a cocktail ever. You pretty much just mix all the ingredients together, strain them, pour them in a glass and top with champagne, add a little extra watermelon for garnish, and you’re done.

These are great for solo dining or when you’re having a few friends over. Considering that this watermelon mimosa recipe only makes 4 servings, you could theoretically finish it off yourself or have a couple glasses each over brunch with a partner. If you are having a bunch of people over, you might need to scale the recipe up, which should be easy enough to do. Or, you know, maybe you just want some more for later. I’m not going to judge you for that!

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