It’s Way Harder To Be A Single Woman Than A Single Man

Single life isn’t the same for men as it is for women. Men are expected to enjoy their bachelor days for as long as possible while we’re supposed to settle down as soon as a decent guy comes along. The expectations are completely different and it’s utterly ridiculous. That’s why it’s a hundred times harder to be a single woman than it is to be a single man.

Everyone assumes we’re looking for a relationship.

When a man is single, everyone assumes that he’s the one turning down suitable ladies, so that he can continue to enjoy the single life. Meanwhile, when a woman is unattached, everyone assumes that she’s trying her hardest to find love, but is failing miserably.

We’re shamed for sleeping around.

When men hook up with strangers, they’re just boys being boys. Meanwhile, when we try to get some, we’re called whores and promiscuous women.

We risk getting attacked.

Contrary to popular belief, we can’t have sex anytime we’d like. Why? Because going home with a random man from the bar could end with our body being stored in a fridge.

We’re pressured to settle down earlier.

A man might be pressured into marriage by his mother, but his drinking buddies and colleagues aren’t going to ask him when the wedding is. Meanwhile, we’re pressured by every member of the family and every neighbor on the street.

Love is supposed to be our main focus.

If a man has a good job and a lot of money, he’s doing well for himself. Meanwhile, if a woman’s career is thriving, people will still ask her about her love life, as if it’s more important than her job.

We can’t have babies late in life.

A man could settle down when he’s 50 and still get his young wife pregnant. Meanwhile, our “biological clocks are ticking,” which means we need to act fast if we want to have children.

We mature faster than men do.

It’s a scientific fact that the men our age aren’t as mature as we are. Even though there are obviously some good men left out there, they’re getting harder and harder to find, especially if we want someone in our own age group.

We can get pregnant.

If we sleep around for the fun of it, we risk getting pregnant. While our baby daddy could always run the other way, we’re forced to deal with the consequences.

We’re accused of being picky.

Instead of blaming men for being too rude and inattentive to date, we’re blamed for being too picky. Other people actually expect us to lower our standards, just so we can say we’re in a relationship.

No one believes that we’re actually happy.

We don’t need boyfriends to live a fulfilled life, but no one else seems to understand that. When we smile, everyone assumes that we’re faking it, even though we’re genuinely happy with our lives.

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