10 Ways A Guy Changes When He Decides To Commit To You 100%

When a guy is sure you’re the one he wants to be with long-term, your relationship will naturally change in some pretty big ways. Is your partner serious about you? If he’s doing these things, the answer is definitely yes.

  1. He starts to initiate conversations about your future together. It’s one thing to talk to your boyfriend about your future together, but it’s a whole other thing altogether for your him to initiate the conversations on his own. I didn’t even realize that I was always the person bringing up our future plans until he started doing it way more than me. He was always receptive to the conversations when I started them, but it showed me that he was committing more to our life together when he took the initiative in a way I didn’t realize I needed.
  2. He includes you in most of his decisions. It’s important and healthy for couples to lead separate lives to some extent, but when a guy starts to commit 100%, he’ll share more of his life with you and include you in his most important decisions. When my boyfriend started running life decisions by me before acting on them, I knew that our relationship was getting stronger and deeper and that he was committing more to me and our relationship.
  3. He starts to do the things you do for him for you. Many women are super nurturing from the beginning of a relationship. Guys, not so much and not always. I’ve always been the nurturer, so when my boyfriend started to return my nurturing gestures, it stood out and was very meaningful.
  4. He brings you to more family functions. If a guy is close with his family and starts to bring you to holidays, parties, and other events they’re throwing/attending, you can bet that he’s committed to you in a new and more significant way. I could tell that my boyfriend and I were getting more serious when he started including me on holidays at his home as well as family group chats and email chains. I was in the loop like never before.
  5. He aligns his priorities with yours. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he’ll change them, but he’ll work to find ways to make his goals and objectives fit with yours in a way that benefits both of you. In my experience, guys are naturally more selfish and self-absorbed. When a dude can step out of his own self and think about his choices and their impact on your relationship, you have a keeper on your hands.
  6. He gets a little bit clingier. Ever since my boyfriend started to exhibit the aforementioned behaviors, he’s also been a lot clingier to me than usual. He professes his love more, he makes overtures about our relationship that I don’t even do even though I’m a hopeless romantic. He’s more in it, if that makes sense. I think that part of rising to a new level of commitment requires simultaneously moving to a level of emotional depth in your relationship. Doing so can make him feel vulnerable. I always say that guys are non-committal until they take the plunge and that seems to hold true for my current relationship. Luckily I don’t mind it at all!
  7. He shows up. Point blank. If a dude’s committed, he’s going to be there without question and without fail every single time you need him. Few things are more frustrating than a guy you can’t rely on, but a guy who’s committed will do his absolute darndest to be a reliable man for you because he is invested in you as a person.
  8. He stops being shady. You can always spot a dude who isn’t sure about his level of commitment in a relationship when he does crappy things like not answering the phone or texts or going MIA and then makes up excuses for being awful. A guy who is truly committed and invested in your relationship is going to grow up and stop pulling obnoxious crap like this.
  9. He makes you feel secure in your relationship.  When a man commits, you will feel a shift in your relationship. For me, I felt a new level of security within my relationship and within my connection with my boyfriend. I know that he’s not going anywhere and that’s a lovely feeling.
Marie is an ambitious millennial woman, leading a corporate life by day and doing her best to live, laugh and love.