10 Ways To Show A Guy You Love Him Without Saying The Words

Love is a complex emotion that can be shown in a wide variety of ways. Whether or not you and your partner have already exchanged those three little words with each other, there are plenty of ways you can show him how you feel without having to say a thing.

  1. Do something to make his day easier. Whether it’s running errands for him, getting chores done around the house, or quickly dropping off lunch for him during a busy day at work, small and large favors can take a huge weight off someone’s shoulders. By going out of your way to make your guy’s life a bit less stressful, you’re showing him that you’re willing to sacrifice your own time and energy to make him happy. If that isn’t love, what is?
  2. Pamper him. Society encourages women to participate in self-care, but men often receive the message that they need to be “rugged.” Take some time to give the guy you’re dating a taste of a spa treatment at home. Draw him a bath, give him a massage, and do a mud mask together. Giving him the opportunity and guidance to slow down and give his body a treat is an act of love he may be unfamiliar with but he’ll definitely appreciate it.
  3. Surprise him with something you know he likes. Do you feel loved when your partner surprises you with flowers or your favorite ice cream? Find the chance to do the same for him. Have his favorite meal delivered to his house on a night that you’re apart or buy him a t-shirt you saw him admiring at the store. These “just because” gifts let him know that you pay attention to what he likes, and you can bet that he’ll notice.
  4. Write him a note. Just because you’re not saying “I love you” doesn’t mean you can’t express your feelings toward him with words. A handwritten note telling him all the things you appreciate about him is a sweet, old-fashioned way to express all the things you find great about him that he might not even see in himself. Give it to him after a particularly tough day at work or put it on his bathroom counter for him to find if you want to help him have a great start to his morning.
  5. Set him up with high-quality “me time.” No matter how crazy he is about you, the guy you’re dating probably values his alone time as well. One night, give him a date with himself — for example, lay out his favorite video game, order him a pizza, and prepare him his drink of choice. Then just leave him to it, even if that just means going to a separate room and doing your own thing for an hour or two. This gesture shows that as much as you love spending time with him, you also care for him enough to respect his need to have time to himself.
  6. Go all-out for him in bed. Paying special attention to your partner’s pleasure in bed isn’t just a display of sexual selflessness — it can also be a display of love. Put on his favorite lingerie, have him lie on his back, and then go to town. Make an effort to show that tonight is all about what he wants (within your comfort zone, of course), and he’ll definitely get the picture that you more than just “like” him.
  7. Feed him. Giving someone food is a nearly universal gesture of love and respect. Spend some extra time spoiling your guy’s stomach to show him how you really feel about him. Learn to cook his favorite food or plan out a three-course meal for a romantic DIY date night at home. If cooking isn’t your forte, take him to an amazing bakery and satisfy his sweet tooth.
  8. Take him on a romantic (or fun) date. It’s 2019, and the days of men being the only ones who spoil their partners on dates are long over. Guys enjoy being taken out too and your partner will take it as a pretty big display of love if you go out of your way to plan a date for him. Cater it to what you think he’d like — would a romantic wine-and-dine night suit his preference or would he prefer to spend some time playing paintball with you before chowing down on some wings? Whether he likes his dates fun or fancy, your effort won’t go unnoticed.
  9. Let him be vulnerable with you. Sometimes, the most loving moments come during the most difficult times. Just being there for your partner when he needs you the most can show him how much you really care about him, especially if he feels like he needs to put on a brave face for everyone else. Let him cry into your arms if he’s facing an overwhelming or tragic time in his life or bring him a cold washcloth and medicine if he’s sick in bed. Your support will mean just as much as three little words.
  10. Try something he loves (even if you think you won’t like it). Love often means sacrifice, even in small amounts. You should never do something you’re completely uncomfortable with, but stepping out of your comfort zone for your partner can mean a lot to him. Watch his favorite movie with him (even if it bores you to sleep) or let him teach you how to play his favorite card game (even if you feel like you’ll never understand it). This kind of selflessness can go a long way in showing how you really feel about him.
Diana is a writer and waitress living in Tennessee with her "fur family" (two cats and a ferret). When she's not working, you can find her hiking, cooking, or taking really long naps.