10 Ways To Start Putting Yourself First Instead Of Everyone Else

Are you top on your list of priorities or way down at number 50—if you get a chance between catering to everyone else’s needs, that is? No, it’s not on! If you’re not in first place, you need to put yourself there! Here are 10 easy ways to do that.

Decide on your own self-care.

There’s a lot of talk about what self-care is and isn’t, but you should choose the type of self-care that makes you feel good, boosts your confidence, and allows you to show yourself some love. Some days it might be a manicure, while on others it will be a pep talk you give yourself in front of the bathroom mirror. Do whatever works for you.

Say no.

One of the most important words is also really short: no. It’s so simple to say and yet so difficult to send out of your mouth at times. If you really don’t want to help your friend make dinner for her colleagues because you’re tired or you really don’t have time to go on a date tonight, don’t force yourself. Instead of worrying about what others will think, do what feels right for what you need right now.

Lose the guilt.

Seriously, guilt is such a waste of time and energy. But what’s even worse is that when you’re riddled with guilt, you fall all the way down to the bottom of your list. Guilt can motivate you to please other people and waste your last resources which should’ve actually gone to yourself.

Set boundaries.

You’ve heard it lots and now you’re going to hear it again: you need boundaries. They’re an act of self-love. They show the world that you deserve respect. If you can’t show it to yourself, you can’t expect it from others.

Do what you love.

It’s your right to live your life the way you want to, but it’s easy to forget about the things you really love to do. It’s time to start making them more of a priority because when you do that, you’re really making your joy a priority.

Give yourself space in relationships.

You should never spend all your time with the person you’re with and love – some of that time has to go to yourself. Whether you spend the time doing your favorite arts and crafts or just staring into space, it’s important to have a space in which your thoughts and feelings can surface so you can check in with yourself without anyone interrupting you.

Pay attention to your gut.

This is one of the most important ways to prioritize yourself. You need to listen to your intuition because it’s where your innermost truth lies and it’s trying to get your attention all the time so it can save you from horrible situations or remind you to tune into your feelings.

Remember your worth.

You’re enough. You don’t have to be two sizes smaller or have a bigger personality or a more contagious laugh, and you certainly don’t have to make others love you. You are awesome and the right people will notice all that makes you great. Walking around feeling like you’re not good enough will only make you miserable and push people away without you realizing it.

Fight for your needs.

I’m not talking about basic human or social needs, although those are important. I’m talking about things you need from life and your relationships in order to be respected and happy. You should fight for what you deserve because if you don’t, you can’t expect others to do it for you. Your needs matter – don’t forget that.

Set some limits.

FYI, these are not a sign of weakness. Although it’s good to believe in yourself and chase your dreams, it’s also good to know what you won’t do to get ahead. If you’re pushing yourself too much to achieve, it’s healthy to know when you should stop and take a break. Your limits are there to protect you, and knowing where they are set will help you to put yourself in the top spot. There’s nowhere else you should be, after all.

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