10 Ways To Tell When A Guy Is Flirting With You

Have you recently met a guy and decided that you like him but you’re left scratching your head wondering if he’s into you? Girl, I hear you. Sometimes guys don’t make it obvious when they like someone, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to tell. It’s just about recognizing the subtle signs. Here are the ways many guys tend to flirt.

  1. Asking you questions One of the first ways that you can tell whether a guy is interested in you is if he seems super interested in you. Is he asking you all about your life? Is he intently listening to what you’ve got to say? Is everything that you say amazing to him? If he seems truly engaged in your conversations, then this is a surefire sign of how much he’s into you.
  2. Laughing at every joke Likewise, is he cracking up at all your jokes even when they’re not funny? Girl, he’s trying to flirt. He wants to show you that he’s totally enamored with everything you say and even if it can be slightly cringeworthy, it’s also pretty sweet.
  3. Making fun of you In addition to laughing at your jokes, does he make fun of you and tease you (what feels like) all the time? Spoiler alert: what your mom told you as a child is 100% true as an adult. If someone makes fun of you, it’s usually because they like you—and this applies to guys too. Of course, if he’s being cruel, that’s a whole other story.
  4. Trying to make you laugh You’ll know a guy is flirting with you because he’ll be trying to make you laugh at every opportunity. <aybe he’ll even look at you when his joke lands to check that you found him funny. He’ll also probably try to banter with you one-on-one to let you know that he’s a super fun guy. Why does he do this? Well, because he’s trying to impress you.
  5. Holding eye contact Flirting male moves 101: staring at you in the eyes every time that he gets the chance. If he likes what he sees, this is one of the main ways he’ll let you know. If you guys have chemistry, it’ll feel incredibly tense when you make eye contact—like his eyes are burning into your soul, but in the very best way.
  6. Looking at your lips As well as holding eye contact for longer than feels necessary, a guy will glance at your lips (what feels like) every few seconds while he’s talking to you if he’s into you. Why? Well, because he wants to kiss those lips, of course. He might also look at your chest (regardless of how low-cut your shirt is) and your butt when you’re walking away if his thoughts aren’t exactly clean. This is just his way of daydreaming and imagining you as his next sexual partner.
  7. Finding an excuse to touch you If he’s trying to flirt with you, he’ll also find any excuse to touch you while you guys are chatting and he won’t be subtle about it, even when you’re in a group situation. Whether it’s grazing your knee with his, holding your hand, or lightly tapping your arm to make a point, he will try to have as much physical contact with you as possible. True story.
  8. Saying overly forward things Along with being forward with his body language and physical touch, a guy who’s trying to flirt with you will say forward things. Whether it’s talking about dating you or making sexual innuendos, he’ll be trying to lay it on thick with his words as a way of letting you know how much he fancies you. And if you’re responding? Well, he’ll just keep on going!
  9. Not leaving your side Additionally, guys who are into you who won’t leave your side whether you’re in a group or one-on-one situation. They’ll always be there when you turn around and you won’t be able to dodge them, no matter how hard you try because they’re trying to spend as much time with you as they possibly can.
  10. Trying to make future plans. Finally, a guy who is flirting with you will try his best to make plans to see you again. Whether it’s joking about taking you to Disney World in the future because it recently came up in conversation or actually being direct and asking you to hang out one-on-one, he’ll definitely want to get some more time with you in the diary. In fact, that’s perhaps the most obvious sign that he’s feeling you.
Katie Davies is a British freelance writer who has built a career creating lifestyle content that caters to the modern woman. When she's not sipping tea, shopping, or exploring a new city, you'll probably find her blogging about her fashion and travel adventures at https://trendytourist.co.uk.