I Wear Clothes That Show Off My Body, But It Doesn’t Mean I Want To Have Sex With You

I Wear Clothes That Show Off My Body, But It Doesn’t Mean I Want To Have Sex With You ©iStock/djiledesign

Every woman should be proud of who she is and should be able to present that in whatever way she chooses. Blaming women for the vulgar things men say to us and being forced into unwanted sexual encounters is crazy. I wear clothes that show off my body and make me feel sexy, but in no way does that mean I’m asking for sex.

  1. I want to show off my hard work. I know I have a great ass — I do squats everyday to make it so damn fine. I want to show off my hard work, so I’m going to wear clothes that do just that. It doesn’t mean I want to have sex with you.
  2. I want you to find me sexy. I love it when guys can’t keep their eyes off me. It makes me feel confident and desirable, which is what every girl wants to feel. You can look all you want, but if you try to touch without asking, be prepared to get bitch slapped.
  3. Sometimes I just want to tease you. There’s nothing wrong with a little cleavage showing just to be a tease. Just like you wear those tight ass shirts to show off your muscles, I wear my favorite bra to accentuate my breasts. It doesn’t mean I’m down for anything.
  4. I’m proud to be a woman. My body is one of the parts of me that makes me feminine, and I’m proud to be a woman. I’m allowed to own that and express that any way I want. This includes wearing clothes that show off my body, and I shouldn’t have to be concerned about you saying horribly inappropriate things to me because of it — though I am perfectly fine with a classy compliment.
  5. I’m not down for casual sex. I’m sorry, but casual sex isn’t my thing. Even if I did find you irresistibly attractive, I don’t hook up with random guys. Ask me out on a date and show me you’re truly interested in getting to know me — then we can talk.
  6. Sometimes it’s not even about you. Have you ever thought that I may want to get all done up and look hot just for myself? I feel good about myself when I take the time to do my hair and finally put my little black dress to use. Relax, not everything is about you.
  7. Until I say yes, the answer is no. My clothes can’t speak, so don’t even try to say what I’m wearing is begging for sex. Until you hear the words come out of my mouth that I’m down to do it with you, don’t even try. My clothes may be showing you that my body is bomb AF, but it still doesn’t mean I want to have sex with you.
  8. Ultimately, your opinion doesn’t mean stuff to me. I don’t really care if you think what I’m wearing makes me promiscuous or if I’m tempting you too much. You have no place to judge me or decide who I am or what I want based on the type of clothing I wear. Nice try, but I still don’t want to have sex with you.
Mattie Gold is a lifestyle, health, and fitness freelance writer with a passion for making people laugh and understand their life better through her work. She is also passionate about chocolate. And taking long walks on a breezy day. And working out because being healthy is pretty cool.