A Weed-Loving Couple Named Their Kids After Marijuana Strains

While my weed-smoking days are far behind me at this point, I can still appreciate the draw of lighting a blunt or lighting up a bong every once in a while. Some people do it way more than once in a while, of course, and truly love marijuana. Such is the case with Twitter user @iFredLee‘s brother Victor, who’s such a proponent of MJ that he named his two daughters after his favorite strains.

  1. Two years ago, Victor’s first daughter was born. Proud uncle Fred shared the news of his first niece being born on Twitter back in October 2018. While he was incredibly happy about the new addition to the family, he was shocked to hear the baby’s name: SaTiva.
  2. Fred’s second niece was born this week. Retweeting his initial tweet sharing SaTiva’s name, Uncle Fred teased that the name of the second little girl was exactly what everyone is probably expecting: Indica. “UPDATE: My brother is excited to announce the birth of his 2nd daughter! ….and before you ask, yes, her name is exactly what you think it is,” he wrote.
  3. This is some serious dedication to the cause. While I’m sure Fred’s brother Victor and Victor’s partner both had an equal say in their daughters’ names, Fred told Unilad that Victor was pretty instrumental in bringing the couple’s love of marijuana into the picture. “He said that his love for marijuana, and the fact that the words themselves ‘sound good’ led to him naming his first daughter SaTiva in 2018, and subsequently his 2nd daughter (born 7 Feb 2020) Indica,” Fred explained. “He figured that most younger students won’t know the meaning of the words, so bullying in school wouldn’t be much of an issue.”
  4. Fred hopes his nieces’ names spread a positive message. “He didn’t want to outright name either of them Marijuana. Hopefully meeting these two beautiful girls with their unique names will be a symbol of how harmless and beautiful (actual) marijuana can be,” he said.
  5. While Fred experienced “a range of emotions” on hearing the girls’ names, he’s really happy for his family. “When I was told about the birth of SaTiva two years ago, I went through a range of emotions,” Fred explained. “I was shocked, then angry, then truly humored – I realized who my brother is and how passionate he is about the legalization of marijuana, and once I finally got to see her, I just fell in love.” He added that while he’s sad about not living closer to Victor and his family, news like this does bring a smile to his face. “I don’t live in the same city as my little brother anymore, so I didn’t even know that him and his girlfriend were pregnant. When I got the message with a new child and Indica’s name… all I could do is smile and think, ‘Just like Victor… gotta love it.'”
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