Weird Things That Happen When Your Boyfriend Is Also Your Best Friend

Weird Things That Happen When Your Boyfriend Is Also Your Best Friend ©iStock/kevinruss

It’s normal for us to separate love from friendship. That’s why we have something called a best friend, and something called a boyfriend, and usually they aren’t the same person. Boyfriends are for loving and taking walks into the sunset with, and best friends are for having your back and giving you advice, but what if you could have two in one? If your boyfriend is also best friend material, you might notice some of the following taking place.

  1. You find yourself cracking jokes about farts a lot more than you would have otherwise.We might casually mention our farts to our female friends and poke fun at each other when it happens (and it will happen), but with your man, when you guys are that close, you just talk about it like you would anything else. You also give each other a heads up when one’s coming, along with the potential severity (“Watch out, because I had a lot of beans for lunch”).
  2. All those late-night philosophical discussions now get to have a male input. We’ve all stayed up late talking with our friends until the sun rose, so now is no different. The only thing that’s changed though is that now you get to hear things from the male perspective, which comes in handy during all those heated debates over whether or not guys actually care about interior design.
  3. You stop enjoying yourself at girls night out, because your bestie couldn’t come. Girls night out just isn’t the same without your best friend to hold your hair while you blow chunks into the urine-caked toilet at your local club. Similarly, you find it increasingly difficult to talk to fellow females because you can’t decide whether or not they would think that new fart joke you came up with is funny or just gross.
  4. You forget what it’s like to watch a chick flick without being judged. He loves you and all, but he totally judges you when it’s your turn to pick the movie this Saturday. Since you’re spending all your time with your boyfriend, you sometimes do forget how nice it is to watch romantic movies with your girlfriends who all agree that men can be disgusting pigs, or to go shopping at the mall without being rushed from store to store. Men just don’t understand the concept of window shopping.
  5. You share everything, including your most embarrassing stories from high school. Just as you’d expect your female BFF to laugh with you instead of at you, you can also expect your man to. At this point, he’s your lover and your best friend, so there’s nothing you can do to turn him off.
  6. You wonder whether he thinks the same about you. With women, it seems to be a lot more straightforward. You can count on your best friend to consider you her best friend without having to ask her, especially if you two have been hanging out together at a constant. But with men, it could be different. He might still need his best guy around for whatever the hell it is they might need to talk about, man to man.
  7. He divulges all kinds of male secrets and habits to you. Like the fact that they don’t always wear underwear, and that they hate shaving just as much as we do. Women never want to know what it feels like to wear jeans without panties, but guys just don’t give a damn. Their pants are loose anyway. And all those shaving commercials where the dude looks like he’s enjoying getting rid of his stubble are as much a lie as the ones with women shaving their legs. We all hate it. Period.

You trust and rely on each other a whole lot more, and your relationship is stronger because of it. When your best friend is your boyfriend, you just know that you’re lucky because you have the best of both worlds in the same person – someone who loves you, cares for you, fights for you, and bones you. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.

Chelsey is a freelance writer in NYC. She's pretty normal by today's standards, or at least that's what her mother tells her.