We’re All Obsessed With Social Media, But It Shouldn’t Control Our Lives

We’re All Obsessed With Social Media, But It Shouldn’t Control Our Lives ©iStock/javi_indy

Social media is the best worst thing that’s ever happened to us. Sure, we can keep up with the Kardashians or join a petition to save trees, but we can also torture ourselves endlessly stalking beauty bloggers, stick-thin models, or worse, our exes. Social media can be a healthy obsession if we use it correctly, but if you don’t, then you’re doomed to social media depression. Here’s why we’re obsessed, but also what we need to remember to keep it all in perspective:

  1. We need all of the bake and contour tips we can get. No matter how many times you’re told its air-brushed, you still want to have flawless skin like that one beauty blogger. I’ll personally never achieve the perfect winged look with eyeliner, but that won’t keep me from hearting pics from those who have.
  2. No one really knows what you’re stalking — er, looking at — right? The beautiful thing about social media is how public it is for the most part and how easy it is to access the people you want to know more about. But stalking your ex, his new girlfriend, or your current man’s ex are dangerous social media habits you should probably break.
  3. If you keep looking at that fitness blog you’ll totally be motivated to get in shape. Or you’ll get really down on yourself, be depressed, and forget that fitness model is strategically positioned, airbrushed, with a push-up sports bra and dehydration for muscle tone.
  4. The pictures look so real! The pictures all over social media are so appealing, we can’t help but look. But as beautiful as they are, we really need to remember there’s almost no such thing as #nofilter.
  5. I can pull off that hat with those shoes just like her, right? Above all else, social media is a free marketing tool designed to make us want to look like what we see. Fashion bloggers get a lot of their clothing for free because they blog about it and people go out and buy it. Just because she’s wearing it does not mean it looks cute or that you need it. Keep yourself and your wallet in check.
  6. If it’s her personal Instagram, then it must be her real life. Famous people seem to have their personal accounts and their industry accounts. So of course what they post on their personal accounts is their real life… right?! Um, no. It is equally as staged and designed to make you jealous.
  7. I have 87 pins of what to do with wine corks. Pinterest is awesome for finding projects and things to do with your wine corks… and who doesn’t have like a million of those? (I’ve made two wreaths, giant wine cork art, a monogram and countless other items while losing hours of my life I will never get back.) Keep your precious personal time and don’t waste it all on projects you’ll never finish.
  8. Every yoga pose I put on IG raises money. A lot of social media is used for good causes and appeals to our humanitarian side. I fully support these kinds of causes, but you should use caution against getting caught up in scams. If you need to spend money on it, it may not be the real deal.
  9. How else can I stay in touch with everyone, ever? Social media has literally shrunk the world. You can immediately chat with people across the planet anytime. But social media has also allowed people to have bad, almost rude habits. If you can’t remember your mom’s birthday without checking her Facebook, it might be time for a reality check. Pick up the phone and call her, maybe?
  10. It’s not real unless it’s on Facebook. Remember when you were in college and your relationship didn’t count unless it was on Facebook? How ridiculous is that? Facebook has somehow become the benchmark for reality, despite the endless drama it causes. My man and I don’t have Facebook and I’m not lying when I say breaking up with FB was a liberating experience.
  11. But first, let me take a selfie. I think we think selfies are a way to show our true selves to the world… only we take the same shot 456 times to make sure we look good. That is not real. Selfies are not really a reflection of the self at all; they’re what we want the world to see. They can also be really annoying.
  12. Discovering All The Things! Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and blogs are awesome outlets to find new places to visit, new products, and new artists, but they can also be super overwhelming. My personal bucket list has expanded so much just from having my one lonely Instagram account, so I can only imagine what happens to chicks who have more than one social media platform. My FOMO is terrible and the struggle only gets more real every day.
C. is an aspiring yogi and Ph.D student who loves her dogs, bright lipstick and to travel. Find her on IG @drparko121314