You Weren’t Just A Failed Romance — You Were A Total Waste Of Time

I usually don’t regret my dating experiences because even if things don’t work out, I usually learn something valuable about myself . That all changed when I met you. Our relationship was completely toxic and now that I’m out of the haze of it, I see you for who you truly are. You weren’t just a failed romance, you were an absolute waste of my time.

  1. You made me question my worth. When things didn’t go your way, whether in our relationship or life in general, I was the one who took the heat for it and got the brunt of your frustrations. You became a bully who tried to unload your bad mood onto me by insulting me and blaming me for your misfortunes, but I know better now. It’s not me, it’s you.
  2. You tried to control me and couldn’t handle when I fought back. You couldn’t handle my independence and you acted like I was your property instead of your partner in life. Relationships are about trust, and my loyalty was always clear as day, but you were too insecure to notice. Things could have been handled more maturely but you chose to make me out to be the bad guy instead. It’s a shame because I genuinely liked you.
  3. You thought by belittling me, you’d keep me. You thought that by putting me down it would make me feel so badly about myself that I’d be more likely to stick with you out of fear that no one else would want me. Unfortunately, it only pushed me further away. I never understood how someone who claimed to care about me could say and do such hurtful things, but now that I’m far away from you, I see the truth: you didn’t love me at all.
  4. If I could erase you from my memory, I would. The day we met is a day I wish I could erase from my life because the time I wasted on you is something I’ll never get back. My only hope is that you learn from our relationship and treat the next woman who comes into your life so much better. Otherwise, you’ll only end up losing her too.
  5. You never deserved a woman like me. Until you can get your crap together, you don’t deserve to have someone as amazing as me in your life. I’m not a completely horrible person — I don’t hate you, but I do hope that you change your life and grow up a bit. Until you address your deep rooted issues, you should probably take a time out from dating before you attempt to destroy another amazing woman who has good intentions.
  6. You took my kindness for granted. I tried really hard to keep you happy and to do things to put a smile on your face but you never really cared enough to notice. Instead, I was criticized and judged for everything I did wrong while the good things I was doing got completely overlooked. You were completely ungrateful for what you had in me.
  7. One day you will wake up and completely regret your actions. The day will come where you wake up and realize how royally you screwed up with me. I cared about you. I wanted to make you happy. I tried to make things work between us but at a certain point, I hit my limit. Unfortunately, by the time you realize the error of your ways, I’ll be too far over it to give a crap about your remorse.
  8. I’ll never make the same mistake again. In hindsight, I suppose there’s a lesson to be learned, but it’s one that I could have been spared. I know now what kind of behaviors to avoid and when a guy is a controlling piece of crap over women instead of an equal and loving partner. So thank you for reminding me what kind of guy I need to avoid.
  9. We could have been something amazing if you got your head out of your ass. If only you had seen the potential we had instead of screwing up what was there with your rudeness and expectations of having everything your way. I wanted to compromise and I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt but you only had yourself in mind — my feelings were irrelevant to you.