What 2018 Has In Store For Your Love Life Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Like any great, predictable romantic comedy, sometimes it’s nice to know how things will wrap up before you reach the finish line. If you’re wondering if love is in store for you in 2018, here’s a sneak peek into what you can expect based on your zodiac sign. You can trust me—it’s basically science.

Aries are in for a big year.

Along with the final season of Game of Thrones, for Aries babies, 2018 could also bring Mr. Right. Don’t get your nipples in a twist if it doesn’t happen right away. It’s likely there’ll be a bit of a wait so that you’re in a good position to find this person. So sit back and keep your eyes peeled!

Taurus may find a different kind of love.

It may not be Ally and Noah-esque romance or 50 Shades style sexcapades, but this relationship will be fulfilling nonetheless. 2018 will bring you a sincere friendship full of laughter. This person will give you the support and stability you’ve so sorely been missing thanks to the losers and toxic jerks you’ve dated. Enjoy the breath of fresh air.

Gemini should focus on self-discovery.

In the past your relationships have been more disappointing than Britney and Justin’s breakup in 2002, but 2018 will see all of this change. This is the year to forgive yourself for bad decisions made and poor judgment and to do a little soul-searching. After all, you can’t expect to understand what you’re really looking for if you’re more familiar with the lyrics of Swifty’s latest jam than your own feelings. It’s time to dig deep!

Cancer should be prepared for a fast burn.

Not all love is supposed to last forever, and 2018 is the time for that flash in the pan romance. Although it won’t be endgame material, this relationship will rock you to the core and redefine what you’re really looking for in a partner. Enjoy the moment!

Leo will reconnect with an old flame.

But this time, it could be for keeps. The universe will bring you back together with a past love and give you a second chance to make it last. Although you’ll feel comfort and familiarity, don’t worry about it being dull AF. The reunion will be full of excitement, so don’t lose them this time!

Virgo can finally put an end to the dry spell.

In terms of love and relationships, 2017 was as stimulating as waiting in line at the post office. Even casual flings weren’t anything you’d write in your group chat about. But 2018 will change that. You can look forward to several opportunities for romance as long as you keep your head up.

Libra will take a journey back in time.

Hung up on your ex? This could very well be the reason you’re still single. The good news is the new year will bring you the opportunity to rekindle that old flame. The one that got away will be back for another round, but try not to linger on old resentment and negative feelings about why you broke up. This time might just be for the long haul.

Scorpio will experience something new.

2018 will be the time to reconnect with your surroundings, rather than a person. I know what you’re thinking—laaaaame. But you can look forward to finding containment in the smaller things in life rather than a relationship. There’s nothing to say you can’t still have fun, but romantic love can wait. Use this time to enjoy being happily single!

Sagittarius will fall for a friend.

Don’t be surprised if this sneaks up on you. 2018 will see a long-term friend take a more meaningful place in your heart—prepare for a slow burn. While the friendship will remain, you’ll gradually find yourself wanting to be with this person more and more romantically, a.k.a they’ll essentially be your soul mate. No big deal.

Capricorn will enjoy being bold.

Hold on to your knickers because the new year will bring a feisty new you; ready to try new things and brave new territory. This will open up huge potential for meeting people, i.e. relationship contenders. Have fun painting the town red!

Aquarius will revive a stale romance.

If you’ve been sleepwalking through your current relationship it’s time to wake up. 2018 will open your eyes to the fact that you’re bored AF and it’s time to do something about it. This will be the year to take control and breathe life back into your dreary relationship.

Pisces will find the one.

Not to give you high expectations or anything. 2018 is the year to stay true to your heart and it will lead you to that head-over-heels, rom-com rivaling romance. It won’t be hard to know when you’ve found it, as this partner will embody everything you’re looking for in a relationship. So I guess it doesn’t suck to be a Pisces in the new year.

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