What A Guy Wants To Hear From A Woman He’s Considering Dating

Admittedly, we guys can be a little indecisive when it comes to making a move romantically. Even those of us who seem confident can be a little unsure of themselves sometimes. A lot of us go back and forth on someone we’re considering dating, but you ladies have the power to push us in the right direction. Here are some things a guy wants to hear from a woman he’s considering dating that could entice him to make a move.

“What are you doing this weekend?”

You won’t earn any points but subtlety, but this can definitely be effective. In fact, this is one of the best ways to open the door for a guy to ask you out without being too forward or obvious. I mean, you could just be making conversation about the upcoming weekend, but if he’s smart, he’ll take it as a sign that you’re interested in him as well. He might then seize the opportunity to ask you out.

A compliment.

I’m not sure if women realize this or not, but men like receiving compliments just as much as you do. Honestly, any little compliment you give us will make us feel more comfortable. Of course, if you don’t like him as anything more than a friend, you shouldn’t be going out of your way to give him a compliment. A lot of guys will take this as a cue to make a move if we’re on the fence about trying to date someone.

“Tell me about your girlfriend.”

Again, this isn’t subtle but it can be effective. Guys like knowing that someone is interested enough in them to dig for information about whether or not they have a girlfriend. Of course, if we’re considering dating you, we’ll let you know that we don’t have a girlfriend. Then it’s up to you to come up with some flirty response.


A guy would have to be crazy not to enjoy the sound of a woman laughing. Granted, it’s on us to say something funny or clever, but many of us definitely make up our minds about asking someone out or not based on the sound of their laugh. Also, we like the idea of being around someone who thinks we’re funny, especially when we’re not.

“I need some help with something.”

To you, this probably seems like you’re asking for a favor, but when you ask a guy for help, he hears that he’s needed. Men tend to like the feeling of being needed. That being said, you should probably avoid asking a guy to help you with manual labor when you’re not actually in a relationship. Still, a small favor or help with something you know he can do will show him that you need him. This will make him take more of a liking to you and could convince him to ask you on a proper date.

“Do you want to go somewhere with me?”

First of all, be careful how you say this. If you sound too flirty, he’ll think you’re asking him back to your place for the night. We all know what that means. However, said in the right manner, asking a guy to go somewhere with you can be a nice dating loophole. Ask him to go for a walk or visit your favorite spot in town. He’ll like that you took the initiative and it should help him come around on formally asking you on a date.

“You look so handsome.”

In case you’re wondering, we guys love to be flattered. We especially like confirmation that our mothers are right about how handsome we are. A woman we kinda sorta like telling us that we’re handsome can usually put us over the top in deciding to ask her out. It shouldn’t be that easy, but it is.

“I love how your mind works.”

Sometimes it’s nice to be appreciated for more than our looks. Honestly, most guys aren’t expecting to hear this from women, so we might be caught a little off guard. That being said, it’s nice to know that you’re digging our personality. That makes guys feel more comfortable about asking a woman out. Guys secretly want a relationship that goes beyond superficial things like appearance. This means we’ll be more likely to ask out a woman who appreciates our minds.

An interesting question.

If he’s on the fence about asking you out, try asking him a question that he’s never heard before. This may not sound like the most obvious thing, but you will surely get his attention by taking the unconventional approach. You won’t want to ask an overly silly question or one that’s too serious, but with the right question, you can get him to open up and pique his interest at the same time.

“You should ask me on a date.”

This is definitely a direct approach, but one that most guys will welcome. If we’re considering asking you out, feel free to go ahead and instruct us to ask you out. It takes so much pressure off our shoulders and frees us from any uncertainty. If you’re bold enough, you should make the first move and ask the guy out yourself. If not, directing him to ask you out is the next best thing.

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