What A Guy’s Taste In Music Says About Him

Just hooked up with a new guy? What if I told you there’s a way to find out more about him straight off the bat with zero risk attached? If you’re in need of some quick insights into his personality, look no further than his favorite band. According to psychological research, there’s method behind his musical inclination.

  1. Does He Bop Along To The Latest Pop Hits? According to research, if your guy just can’t get enough of the latest chart-topping pop hits, he’s probably a pretty sociable dude with high self-esteem and a hard-worker, to boot. On the downside, he’s not very creative and tends to be a little nervous. But then, I would be too if this was my favorite genre…
  2. Is he down With Hip Hop Or Rap? This genre gets a bad rap for inspiring violence and aggression, but the evidence is inconclusive. These behaviors are more likely due to a number of external socioeconomic factors, although one Canadian study did find that levels of deviance vary according to different sub-genres. The findings? Turns out French rap aficionados display the worst behaviors. So much for French being the language of love. If he digs Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, chances are he’s an energetic and outgoing guy with high self-esteem who’s likely to speak his mind more freely (and faster) than most.
  3. What about if he just loves jazz? He’s confident, intelligent, open to new experiences, and politically liberal. While he might be smooth, smart, and smug (‘cos who wouldn’t be with all those qualities?), he’s probably not athletically inclined. Jazz fans also tend to be creative and are comfortable in their own skin. Sounds like a winner — unless, of course, you can’t stand jazz.
  4. Classical Music Listeners Are Complex. He might be a bit of an introvert, but this guy is smart enough to have high self-esteem. Yup, it’s true — those who favor classical music really do display superior intellect. He’s as complex as the music he listens to and while he might seem reserved, he probably has a taste for drama and theatrics. Creative, reflective, and gentle, classical music lovers are usually refined – and well paid!
  5. He Loves Heavy Metal… And Hugs? Don’t let that hard exterior fool you — heavy metal fans are actually sensitive souls. If your love interest is into Black Sabbath, Slayer, or Judas Priest, he’s likely to be gentle, introverted, easy-going, and creative. Shocked? It gets better — fans of heavy metal share similar personality traits to lovers of classical music, but they’re usually younger. Unfortunately, he’s probably not a hard-worker and is prone to low self-esteem.
  6. Classic Rockers Just Wanna Remember The Good Old Days. If he just can’t let go of yesteryear’s rock heroes, it’s probably because he’s nostalgic and his favorite genre stirs up some mighty emotions. Those who reminisce about the days when giants walked the earth also have a love of theatrics — everything about old school rock positively screams drama (vocals, performances, outfits, and even hair were louder, bigger, and more elaborate back in the day). Although he might be open-minded, he could be a touch selfish too.
  7. If Blues Is His Bag… This guy is gentle, soulful, and reflective, just like the genre he loves. He’s also outgoing with a good dose of self-esteem and creativity, making him interesting and easy to get along with. Energetic he’s not, but he is open-minded. That’s great if you love a deep thinker with a laid-back personality, but if you’re tightly wound or prone to dramatics, watch out — he might write a song about you!
  8. Country And Western Means He’s Conventional. Country and western enthusiasts tend to be a little, erm, set in their ways. Oh hell, I’m just going to go ahead and say it: this dude is old fashioned! If he’s into country music, he’s probably outgoing, hardworking, agreeable, conservative and close-minded. Well, at least your mom will love him…
  9. Is he ready to Dance ’til he drops? It probably goes without saying, but those who prefer genres with faster tempos are usually pretty energetic. This is a fun-loving guy with plenty of confidence. While he might be enthusiastic, research shows he probably isn’t exactly gentle or sensitive, kinda like a puppy.
  10. Eclectic Taste Could Mean He’s All Over The Place. Every now and then, you’ll come across someone who says they love “all types of music.” If his playlist features everything from Rihanna to Led Zeppelin, figuring him out a glance probably isn’t going to happen, sorry. My advice? Forget science and use common sense. This man of mystery is either holding his cards close to his chest or he just doesn’t know himself very well. In my opinion, if he can’t even figure out his own taste in music, he might be wishy-washy about commitment too. You’d do well to tread with care here.
Driven by passion and fueled by caffeine, Erica is a freethinking artist, writer and student of life. She hopes to someday have enough time to take up a hobby or two to add to her bio ;)