What A “Twin Flame” Is And How To Tell If He’s Yours

If you’ve spent any time on the internet, you’ve probably heard of a twin flame. Not to be confused with a soulmate, a twin flame is your other half. As the experts at Mind Body Green put it, your twin flame is “an intense soul connection.” They challenge you to overcome your insecurities and fears and also help you to heal. Because the essence of a twin flame is balance, you’ll also have the same effect on them. There will be differences between you and your twin flame, but these will actually help to level out both of your lives. So how do you know if the person you’re currently with is your twin flame or not? Check out the article below!

It was almost love at first sight.

I don’t believe in love at first sight. Lots of elements are at play when love is involved, including trust, commitment, and loyalty, and I don’t think you can have all that just by looking at someone. But I am a strong believer in connection at first sight. Were you instantly attracted to them? Did you feel like you knew them already like there was something drawing you together? It’s a sign that the guy or girl you’re with is your twin flame if you experienced a strong connection at first sight.

Your differences complement each other.

While a soulmate usually describes someone with whom you share a lot of similarities, your twin flame will be different from you in many ways. But these differences will complement each other. According to Love Connection, these differences will allow you to bring balance to each other’s lives and fulfill any empty spaces that you have. Rather than causing friction, your differences will flow together to make your life more complete.

You’ve learned lessons in the relationship.

Being different from your twin flame will also mean that you learn lessons from one another. You’ll learn things that someone similar to you would never be able to teach you. While at times these lessons might be confronting or push you out of your comfort zone, they’ll ultimately serve to help you grow. And ditto for your twin flame!

You’re drawn to being together and okay with being apart.

Twin flames are categorized by a strong attraction on a physical, spiritual, and emotional level. If he’s your twin flame, you’ll definitely want to be around him frequently. But at the same time, you’ll be okay with being apart from him when you have to be because you know that your connection goes deeper than the skin. Even if you’re not physically together, you still belong to each other.

You don’t have to hide who you are.

One of the clearest signs that he’s your twin flame is not feeling like you have to hide or alter any part of yourself to impress him. Your twin flame will be connected to you and attracted to you precisely because of who you are, so you’ll never have to change that. Similarly, he should feel comfortable being his real self around you.

He understands what makes you tick.

Along with being okay with you and all your flaws, your twin flame will understand you on a level that not many other people do. He’ll know what makes you tick and just get you, even if he’s the only one who does! And it’s this sense of understanding that will contribute to you feeling safe in his presence. You’ll get a gut feeling that you can be who you are without judgment or confusion when you’re around him.

Your relationship is full of passion.

Typically, twin flame relationships involve a lot of passion. A lot of it comes from two people being so physically attracted to each other, and then that passion is multiplied by the fact that they’re also connected at a soul and spiritual level. Passion between twin flames can sometimes manifest in negative ways, as your fights will often be more intense. But never mistake passion for physical or verbal abuse. You can argue intensely by being honest with your words without trying to intimidate or bully your partner.

You never stay broken up.
Sometimes, twin flames break up. It’s actually common for your twin flame to be the person you’re on and off again with. Why? Because twin flames are drawn to one another. Although the intensity and disagreements in the relationship can lead them to break up, they keep coming back to each other because they’re naturally connected on so many levels. There’s a good chance he’s your twin flame if you keep finding your way back to him, even if the reason why doesn’t make sense to the outside world.

The universe seems to support your relationship.

Some believe there are cosmic powers in the mix when it comes to bringing together two twin flames. If he’s your twin flame, it will probably seem like the universe is your matchmaker. You’ll bump into each other when you weren’t expecting to, things will just work out to bring you together, and the stars will seem very aligned. You might even find out that you unknowingly crossed paths before you met. It’s all a sign that the universe supports you in finding and being with your twin flame.

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