What Dating Is Like For Strong Women With A Delicate Heart

What Dating Is Like For Strong Women With A Delicate Heart ©iStock/Viktor_Gladkov

Even stubbornly strong women have weaknesses. We want love as much as other women but because of who we are, searching for it comes with challenges.

  1. We want to open up, but our logical side holds us back. We can’t help but look at dating rationally, rather than letting our hearts guide us… which is actually all we really want to do, but our heads prevent that from happening. We see the realities in all aspects of risking our feelings and it’s hard to imagine letting those possible truths go so we can just try to find the love we want.
  2. We struggle with making sacrifices, even though we know we need to compromise. The idea of altering our lives to welcome someone else in is terrifying, no matter how badly we want it. What if it doesn’t work out? What if we make space for someone who only ends up hurting us? We can never get that time back.
  3. We’re secretly scared, even when we’re holding our heads high with confidence. The truth is we’ve been hurt before, which is why we’ve become so strong in the first place. Even though we carry ourselves with absolute strength and confidence, we also have delicacies. We protect our hearts fiercely because we know the damages we’ve repaired from broken hearts before and so we act cool and collected, even though we really want to sink deeply into the arms of the person we start to care about.
  4. We daydream about what it’s like to be the free-spirited girls in rom-coms. Whenever we watch a sappy movie, we wonder how much easier life could be if we could just enter dating scenarios unhindered and with the openness of someone who’s never been hurt before. How does that girl allow herself all the excitement without worrying about all the risks? We’ll think she’s weak, when in reality she’s everything we want to be.
  5. We pretend we hate romance while secretly deeply hoping for it. We put on a strong front and act like we can take it or leave it when it comes to sweet nothings, because we don’t want to appear weak and needy. But really, we like thoughtful gestures just as much as any other woman.
  6. We fear that altering our routines will have been for nothing. We’re like the onlookers at the roulette tables in a casino — we see people winning and we want to win, too. We know the payout is huge, but for some reason, we struggle to buy our way in, let alone place our bets on the table without guarantee that we’ll break even. We know that sometimes in relationships, just like roulette, can leave us with less than we came to the table with, and that’s a scary idea.
  7. When we feel ourselves fall, we start to panic inside. Real feelings can hit us like a tsunami. It’s not that we try to avoid them, but we try to guide ourselves through them with thoughtful logic to keep our heads and our hearts strong. But eventually, reality gives in. We’re women with real emotions, fragile hearts and a willingness to love. It’s a struggle to let all of our logic and our set in stone ways give way to a new lifestyle, but if eventually it involves being in love, we realize the victory will be worth the gamble. And if it’s you she falls for, consider yourself amazing, because she doesn’t give in easily.