What Does It Mean When A Guy Drunk-Dials You?

At first you’re excited when you see the guy you like is calling you. You always love hearing from him and to know he’s thinking of you is pretty sweet. However, when you answer his call, you hear that he’s way too hyper and slurring his words. Ugh, he’s drunk-dialing you. But why does he do this? Here’s how to get to the bottom of his behavior.

  1. He’s horny. He’s drunk-dialed you because he’s actually booty calling you. It’s that simple. He’s hoping that you’ll appreciate how the booze he’s thrown back has made him horny and he’s hoping you’ll agree to the suggestion that you swing by even though it’s nearly two in the morning.
  2. He’s got a case of liquid courage. If the guy’s been really shy around you and doesn’t find it easy to make a move, he might be using his drunk state to get some courage to call you. Aww, sweet! Well, kind of. On the other hand, it’s a little worrying that he needs to drink before he can dial your number, especially if he’s over 25.
  3. He’s bored. He might be drunk-dialing you because he’s got no one else around him and he feels bored. He’s drinking alone and feels sad. Should you be flattered that you’re the one who’s on his mind? Um, only if the guy does this when he’s sober and not bored. Otherwise, it doesn’t really count.
  4. He’s trying to make you jealous. You had an argument and now he’s calling you when drunk out of his mind so that he can make you jealous about the party he’s at or who he’s out with. Ugh. It’s so lame. The guy should’ve left his stupid phone at home.
  5. His butt called you. Have you ever answered a call from a guy who’s drunk and doesn’t actually seem like he wants to have a conversation? He might not have even meant to call you, that’s how out of it he is! Yikes. This is like broken telephone for grown-ups and it’s really a waste of your time. Chances are, the next morning he won’t even remember that he tried calling you. Maybe that’s a good thing.
  6. He needs a confidante. Have you ever been so drunk that it opened the floodgates to your emotions and they weren’t fun to deal with alone? Well, this guy could be going through that, which is why he thought of you. This is what’s happening with him if you can tell that he needs to talk about what’s going on with him and why he’s going through such a rough time. He clearly trusts you and this conversation could make you guys grow closer.
  7. He wants to show off. Remember what we said earlier about booze giving him courage? Well, he might be feeling more confident now that he’s got five tequilas in him, so he’s keen to show off to you. He might be telling you all about how amazing he is or perhaps he’s finally telling you what he really feels for you. If only he was this confident when sober. Sigh.
  8. He wants you to join the party. He might be calling because he’s hoping you can join the fantastic time he’s having wherever he is. While nice, it might feel a bit like you have to make yourself available to him at the last minute, which isn’t always cool. Besides, who wants to go meet him when he’s super drunk? Still, it’s good that you’re on his mind, although it would’ve been better if he’d actually invited you out in the first place. You know, like when he was sober.
  9. He’s stuck in a pattern. If the guy always calls you when he’s drunk and never when he’s sober, this dude’s got a problem or he’s totally wasting your time. Not cool. Even if he calls to say how much he likes you, you’re talking to Tequila, not Ted. Hang up the phone. This guy’s leading you down the garden path.
  10. He’s not over you. If the guy who’s drunk-dialing you is your ex, and he’s getting all soppy and mushy on the phone, maybe those feelings are genuine but he never has the guts to tell you about them in person. Hmmm. The guy’s not over you. Before you get ahead of yourself and think he wants a relationship sequel, it’s worth considering what you want – and if he’s going to stick to his story once he’s sober like a grown man.
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.