This Is What Gamers Could Look Like In 20 Years, According To A New Study

While we’re all self-isolating, it’s natural that there would be a rise in the number of people participating in online gaming. It’s something that passes the time and distracts us from the tough stuff going on in the world outside, right? While it’s fine to indulge in a bit of playtime here and there, a new study from suggests that gamer culture could lead to some pretty big health problems in the future.

future gamer

  1. Gaming addiction is a serious condition. The World Health Organization has recognized it as an official psychological disorder, so you know it’s serious. The average gamer spends six hours a week playing games online, which is a 19.3% increase in the last year alone. Now that most of us are self-isolating, that number is likely only going to go up.
  2. Spending so much time sitting around is terrible for your health. We all know we need to move more and eat less, but how much are people getting up and getting around when they’re spending hours a day on video games? Because of this, the gamers of the future could face changes to their physical appearance and their health.
  3. Your head alone can change significantly. The study found that future gamers could deal with permanent bloodshot eyes from digital eye strain, black rings under the eyes, hair loss from lack of Vitamin D, an indent in the skull from overuse of headsets, and hairy ears from poor air circulation and air quality.
  4. Your hands will suffer too. Onycholysis, also known as “Playstation thumb,” is a nail disorder that results from repetitive tapping of the fingernails on a keyboard or controller. The nailbed loosens the fingernail and you could get muscle pains and blisters too. There’s also Nintendinitis, which causes calluses and ulcerations, and Trigger Finger, which makes your fingers incredibly inflamed.
  5. Don’t forget your body! Everything from hunchback and rounded shoulders to muscular stiffness could plague the future gamer’s body. Oh, and don’t forget about obesity. Sitting long-term without exercise and eating poorly will certainly lead to weight gain. Plus, eczema could become an issue due to poor air circulation and excessive cortisol production.
  6. That’s not all. Varicose veins, swollen ankles, and pale skin could also be an issue for the future gamer. That’s pretty scary stuff, you have to admit.
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