What Happens When You Stop Being The One Who Always Texts Him First

Most guys aren’t all that great by texting. There are likely a few reasons for this, but none of them matter. The point is, getting a man to not only respond to you in a timely manner and with more than a one-word answer is tough, but not nearly as tough as it can be to get him to actually pick up the phone and message you before you reach out to him. If you always text him first, here’s why you should stop. Spoiler alert: it might have some pretty beneficial results.

He’ll start to miss you. If you always text him first, you basically guarantee that this guy never has the chance to miss you. He knows that communication from you is regular and effortless for him, meaning he can just kinda kick back and wait for you to come crawling to him. He doesn’t have to put any effort in or consider what his life might be like without you around. If you stop messaging him and wait for him to come to you, he’ll likely start to realize that he actually likes having you around.

He’ll want to know what’s going on with you. Curiosity drives guys crazy too, and a lack of communication from you will leave him wondering what you’re up to, who you’re talking to, and why you’re not reaching out to him. That can’t happen if you always text him first. Leave him hanging for a bit and his curiosity will likely get the better of him and he’ll just have to reach out to you to find out what’s up.

He’ll start to feel jealous. It’s possible that he’ll automatically assume that if you’re not messaging him, you must be messaging someone else. Who is he and what does the other guy have that he doesn’t? While the purpose of this exercise certainly isn’t to make him jealous because that’s childish and unnecessary, it would be ridiculous not to admit that a little jealousy goes a long way with guys and often acts as an impetus for them to get off their butts and do something.

He’ll actually have to text you first. At the end of the line, if he’s into you and you’re not doing all the work from him by always sending him a text first, he’ll just have to get his act together and text you himself, won’t he? And if he doesn’t, there couldn’t be a clearer sign that he’s just not on your level or worth your time. It’s literally a win-win situation!

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