20 Traits Of A Sigma Male — Is This You?

You’ve dated your fair share of guys with different personality types. Some of your exes were total doormats who lacked a backbone. Others were so bossy and controlling that you felt like you couldn’t breathe. All you want is someone relatively normal, someone who can strike a healthy balance between the two extremes. If this sounds like you, it may be time to consider dating a sigma male.

What is a Sigma male?

A Sigma male to some is the ideal type of guy. He’s the perfect mix of the alpha and beta male and is someone you can ultimately depend on. An alpha male is a guy who likes to be in charge and is the head of the pack. This might be attractive to some women, but it can become a turn-off if he’s too bossy or likes to be in control. A beta male is the opposite. He’s more of a follower and doesn’t like to take risks. Some women love this type of guy because he’s more laid back, and others don’t because beta males can be pushovers.

The sigma male has personality traits that fall between the two. Sigma males can be compared to lone wolves since they love independence and are exceedingly humble. They’re quite confident within themselves and can come off as a bit mysterious since they don’t feel the need to brag or be the center of attention. Sigma males make great partners since they’re sure of themselves and don’t tend to get jealous. However, they do prefer solace and silence and can be hard to understand.

1. They’re completely self-sufficient and can look after themselves.

Sigma males don’t rely on others for their sense of self-worth. They feel complete on their own and are confident in their capabilities. They work hard for the things they want and don’t expect anything to simply be handed to them.

2. They exude a quiet confidence.

Unlike the extroverted Alpha, Sigmas have more of a quiet, introspective confidence. They’re comfortable in their own skin without the need for validation. You might mistake their humility for insecurity, but that’s definitely not the case.

3. They’re intrinsically motivated.

Sigmas are driven by their internal goals and passions rather than external rewards or recognition. They know what they want out of life and have a detailed plan on how they’ll get there.

4. They’re deep thinkers.

One of the most common Sigma male characteristics is that they often engage in introspection and deep contemplation, making them great problem-solvers and innovators. They don’t make decisions impulsively — they think through the implications of their choices and then act.

5. They’re extremely independent.

Sigma males value their freedom and independence above all else. They’re comfortable going against the grain and forging their own path. This can often make them seem like commitmentphobes, and that’s not the case at all — they just refuse to compromise on their individuality.

6. They’re very observant and can read between the lines.

With a knack for reading situations and people, they often notice details that others might overlook. They’re also great judges of character and can see what’s lurking just beneath the surface.

7. They have a mysterious aura.

Their reserved nature often leaves people intrigued and wanting to know more. Because their overall presence is so understated, it leaves others (particularly the women who date them) desperate to dig deeper and know them more.

8. They’re very strategic thinkers.

Sigmas think several steps ahead, making them great strategists in both their personal and professional lives. They know that detailed plans are often needed in order to ensure success, so they’re always thinking about what comes next.

9. They refuse to conform.

They don’t feel the need to fit into societal norms or follow the crowd. They define their own rules. This doesn’t mean that they can’t work within teams or that they’re natural rebels, but they also won’t fall in line if they truly believe it’s thew wrong way to go.

10. They’re 100% authentic.

What you see is what you get with a Sigma male. They value authenticity and honesty, rarely putting on a facade for others. They recognize that they’re not perfect and have mastered the art of accepting their flaws as part of who they are.

11. They don’t seek out or need social validation.

While they can navigate social situations adeptly, they don’t need constant validation or recognition from peers. Sure, everyone likes to be liked, but if they’re not someone’s cup of tea, oh well.

12. They have a strong moral compass.

They often have a clear sense of right and wrong and will stand by their principles, even when it’s unpopular. Their values were instilled early and they hold tight to them even when challenged because they believe it’s what’s right.

13. They’re skilled in solitude and thrive on being alone.

Sigmas enjoy their own company and often use solitude to recharge, think, and create. Spending long amounts of time in social situations or having to be “on” can be very draining for them, so they make sure to take time for themselves as often as possible.

14. They’re selective when it comes to their social circle.

While they may have fewer friends, the friendships they do have are deep and meaningful. One of Sigma males’ best characteristics is their dedication to quality relationships over quantity.

15. They command a quiet sense of leadership.

They may not be the loudest in the room, but when they speak, people listen. Their leadership style is more about leading by example. They do what they think is right and miraculously, other people tend to follow.

16. They’re flexible and adaptable to change.

Whether blending into the background or taking charge, Sigma males can adapt to whatever a situation demands. They have a very “go with the flow” attitude and aren’t too jarred by sudden changes to plans (though they do value organization).

17. They communicate clearly and directly.

They are straightforward and to the point, avoiding unnecessary drama or sugarcoating. They say what they mean and mean what they say; they don’t sugarcoat things or speak in code. As a result, they expect the same in return.

18. They’re very reliable.

If a Sigma commits to something, you can be sure they’ll see it through. If they say they’ll be somewhere or do something, it’ll be done. They don’t make promises they can’t keep and they take their responsibilities very seriously.

19. They have a huge well of empathy.

Their introspective nature allows them to understand and empathize with others deeply. Even if someone is going through something that feels completely alien to them, they still find ways to relate and show compassion and kindness to everyone they meet. As a result, people love opening up to them because of the calming and reassuring response Sigma males give.

20. They’re always evolving.

Sigma males are always in pursuit of personal growth, whether it’s acquiring a new skill, diving into a new book, or seeking a new experience. They know that life is all about becoming the best version of themselves and they work on that regularly.

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