What Is Spiritual Connectivity And Why Is It So Important In Relationships?

Spiritual connectivity explores the ways in which humans are aligned and connected on a soul-deep level. Some people dismiss it, but those people need to learn how to let people enjoy things, frankly. Here’s a quick introduction to spiritual connectivity and an exploration as to why it’s so important in relationships.

What is spiritual connectivity?

When you’re in a relationship, spiritual connectivity is about delving deeper than surface level to bond with one another. It’s the feeling that there’s something greater between you than your differences and your individual beliefs. This kind of attachment is rare, but when achieved, it’s unlike anything else.

Why is spiritual connectivity so vital for relationships?

  1. It shows how compatible you are. First of all, you have to both be able to have fun in a relationship. This doesn’t mean that only one person puts themselves out there and just constantly gets insulted or dismissed by the other person. It might seem like harmless fun, but having something important to you insulted constantly does a number on your self-worth and mental health. By discussing your spiritual connectivity on the basic level, you’re demonstrating like-mindedness that will set you up well for the trip ahead. Love and relationships are a journey and you have to be willing to grow for them to work.
  2. It allows you to make a safe space. It’s so essential that relationships can be a safe space without judgment. If you can’t be yourself with your partner, who do you expect to see the real you? Exactly. This allows you to see that you can conduct your own inward growth and reflection when you’re in the right relationship. One that encourages you to be who you are because it’s so suitable for the other person.
  3. This kind of connection supercedes a basic respect for each other. As soon as one of you starts getting off on a feeling of superiority over the other one, you’re dead in the water. That’s because that feeling of superiority is what drives your presence and desire to stay in the relationship, not a true sense of love. By having that spiritual connection, you’ll always be on the same page and won’t have any issues with miscommunication. This also means that you can build a relationship that’s worth having, not just one of convenience or boredom.
  4. You aren’t fighting a losing battle. Relationships are often where anxiety can propagate. But not when you have a spiritual connection. It allows you to unwind from needing constant proof of affection. You can’t let sleeping dogs lie. This also stems from the issues of anxiety and insecurity in relationships, which, if left unaddressed and uncommunicated, leads to worse issues. If you require a good morning text for the day to be worthwhile, that’s a problem. Your happiness is in someone else’s hands. You should exercise some self-love while also achieving some affection from family and friends. It can’t just be one person, and you have to trust them. Trust comes with space, not intensity.
  5. Relationships are hard. There are no two ways about it. and if you’re not fighting, you’re not expressing yourselves truthfully. Arguing isn’t an inherently bad quality in a relationship, but when you’re looking at the wasteland left in the wake of a particularly vitriolic shouting match, this guide is your best friend when you assess whether or not you can, or want, to rebuild the trust in the spiritual connection.

More about spiritual connectivity

  1. You stop comparing yourselves to other people. When you connect to someone spiritually, you find yourself completely at ease. Comparing ourselves to other people is a terrible thing to do, but we know we all do it. But what happens when all of your friends’ relationships start to develop and grow and you feel stuck in a rut with yours? Before we start talking about fixing the relationship, you have to first ask yourself the difficult questions. Be honest with yourself: it’s perfectly okay if your relationship has run its natural course. You aren’t serving anyone by just going through the motions to keep the relationship afloat. It’s just a waste of both of your time.
  2. Communication is key. All relationships will have their ups and downs, so it’s important to be comfortable enough with your person to express your doubts. That way you can get emotions off your chest and lighten your own load while at the same time encouraging greater intimacy and vulnerability in your relationship. If you can’t be honest with your partner that is telling you something important about either not valuing the person enough, or not trusting them enough. When you have a strong sense of spiritual connectivity, this is an effortless process. Oftentimes, you’re able to communicate with your partner without the need for words. It’s a wonderful feeling.
  3. You’re better equipped to make it through the hard times. Spiritual connectivity bonds you together in a way that normal relationships just don’t. Because you know one another on such a deep level, you’re more likely to extend sympathy, understanding, and trust in your partner, making it so much easier to make it through the tough times.
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