What Is The Jello Skin Trend? All About This New Viral Sensation

Chances are, you might be a tad confused about the recent jello skin trend that’s been causing such hype. Read on to find out everything you need to know about it – and why, instead of just being a skincare fad or trend, it’s actually a healthy lifestyle that boosts the quality of your skin.

Why is it called jello skin? To clear up the confusion circling this skincare trend, the “jello skin” term first hit the scene in 2021 when Ava Lee, a skincare influencer, visited a celebrity facialist called Lord Gavin McLeod Valentine and posted a YouTube video of Macleod Valentine saying how plump her skin was. He said that when he pinched the skin on her face, its high amount of collagen made it bounce back like jello. See, jello skin is good!

This inspired Lee to make a tiktok series. Lee started producing TikTok videos to explain to people how she achieves her fabulous jello skin. This has caused “jello skin” to become a huge trend, with over 14 million hashtags. On TikTok you can find a variety of jello skin-inspired videos because of how popular this skincare trend has become. Make sure you check Ava Lee on TikTok– her account is called glowwithava.

So, what’s it about? In her series of TikTok videos, Lee provides a variety of skincare tips that will give you jello skin, such as staying hydrated by drinking lots of water every day and using hyaluronic acid in your skincare routine so that your skin retains moisture, which enables it to stay lovely and plump. Another tip involves looking after your skin barrier with the use of skincare ingredients such as ceramides to prevent the loss of moisture in the skin.

But it’s also about your lifestyle. To get jello skin, you can’t just rely on the most effective skincare ingredients. You also need to eat healthy foods to nourish your skin. For example, adding some collagen-rich foods to your regular diet can help your skin increase its collagen production. Lee also recommends eating a healthy, balanced diet that is low in inflammation so that you keep your skin looking healthy and calm, and keep those acne flareups at bay.

It’s the advice your mom told you. Some of the advice provided by Lee is what you’ve had drummed into your head for years, and it’s the wise advice you should always follow. An example is to smear on sunscreen every day without fail so that you don’t allow the sun’s UV rays to damage your skin’s collagen or cause you other skin problems, such as skin cancer.

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And don’t forget your vitamins! Another example of health advice that you’ve been told many times before is to eat Vitamin-C enriched foods, such as oranges, strawberries, broccoli, and peppers. These foods are not only good for your general health because their Vitamin C content fights free radicals in the body, but they are also good for your skin because Vitamin C supports the formation of collagen.

What about facial massage? Something you should also consider when striving for jello skin is that you need to move your facial muscles. This helps to boost your skin’s elasticity. What’s great about Lee’s TikTok videos is that she gives you useful hacks on how to apply face cream so that you maximize its effect. For example, she has posted a video of how to massage your skin when applying eye cream. These small changes to your skincare routine will help you to strengthen your facial muscles and make your skin better absorb those nourishing products.

Finally, don’t forget about exfoliation. If you don’t remove the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, these will accumulate and create a barrier to the moisturizers and serums you apply to your face so they can’t penetrate into your skin. It just won’t be able to glow. To prevent this from happening, you have to regularly exfoliate your skin – aim for at least once or twice a week. This is an important part of the jello skin routine.

Start with some jello skin recommended products. Skincare products that promote healthy, collagen-infused skin which glows are also recommended on TikTok, so reach for some of them to help you get started with the trend. A good example includes Glow Recipe Plum Plump Hyaluronic cream which aims to keep your skin plump and hydrated.  To make your facial massages even more effective, you should invest in a gua sha. This massage tool lets you scrape your skin to boost circulation. It’s an ancient Chinese healing method that’s really worth checking out.

Jello skin is focused on holistic beauty. Everyone has been intrigued by the Jello Skin trend, but it’s more than just a trend. It combines holistic tips to make your skin more beautiful. These tips are easy to follow and maintain in the long run. As anyone who’s interested in having glowing, beautiful skin knows, you can’t achieve the results you want with makeup alone. You need to look after your skin and health in general so that your skin glows naturally. For this, you need a blend of healthy skincare products and a healthy lifestyle. You can get it with the jello skin trend, so what are you waiting for?


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