What It Means When A Guy Texts Every Day But Never Wants To Hang Out

You talk all the time on your phones but never meet up in person. What gives? There could be several reasons for this frustrating behavior and it’s not always easy to decode. For some of the most common reasons why a guy texts you every day but never wants to hang out in person, read on. The explanations can be infuriating, but at least you’ll know what’s up.

He likes the idea of you only.

One of the most common reasons why a guy might text you every day without ever wanting to hang out with you is because he only likes the idea of being with you. In his head, a relationship with you, whether it’s long-term or more casual, sounds like a great idea. But when it comes time to bring that idea to fruition, he can’t bring himself to follow through with it. By continuing to talk to you every day, he doesn’t have to shut the door on that idea forever, because he does like it. But at the same time, he doesn’t have to live out the idea of being with you in real life, since your only communication is happening over text.

He’s seeing someone else.

Sometimes, a guy will continue texting you even when he’s started seeing someone else. Different people have different ideas of what constitutes cheating, so he might have no problem with continuing to text you. But he might feel that seeing you in life would be crossing the line. If he continues to text you, it means that he does enjoy your presence in his life. It means he doesn’t want to give it up. Even if it is only limited to the digital world.

He’s lonely or seeking attention.

A guy might text you without any intention of following through with those texts if he’s lonely. Receiving texts from you might be the only company that he receives. It might give him an escape from the world. Similarly, he might like the attention that he gets when you text him. Maybe he’s not getting much attention from anywhere else. But seeing someone in real life usually makes a relationship feel much more real. And he might not be so interested that he wants to take it to that level. Still, he might enjoy the perks he gets from texting you, like feeling less alone or getting validation.

He fears being in a relationship.

Philophobia is the fear of being in a relationship, and it’s more common than you might think. If a guy fears a relationship, it makes sense that he won’t want to see you in real life after he’s been frequently texting you. He may think that a date in real life might lead to the relationship advancing. That could freak him out. The fact that he keeps texting you shows that he likes having you in his life. But if he has a fear of relationships, then he might want to keep things exactly where they are for the time being.

He feels pressure to talk to you.

 In this day and age, it’s difficult to believe that anyone would enter into a relationship if their heart’s not fully in it. But for multiple reasons, many people do start things up when their feelings don’t back up their actions. If a guy is happy to text you but avoids seeing you in life, it’s possible that he feels pressure to build a relationship with you but he can’t go through with it. It may be that his family is putting pressure on him to settle down. Or maybe he knows you’re a great catch and wishes he felt that way about you, so he pushes himself to keep talking to you. In the end, though, if he doesn’t want to see you in real life, it’s likely that his heart’s just not in it.

He has anxiety.

A guy who texts you but resists seeing you in real life may genuinely like you. It’s possible that it’s anxiety leading him to avoid seeing you. If he has social anxiety, suffers from panic attacks, or is just going through a period of heightened generalized anxiety, he may not want to hang out in person. But if he does like you, then he’ll keep talking to you over text. While you should be considerate when dealing with someone who has anxiety, you also can’t wait forever. In most cases, if it’s anxiety that’s stopping him, he should eventually get to a place where he’s comfortable to meet you in person.

He only likes you as a friend.

It can be tricky to identify when a guy likes you romantically and when his feelings are strictly platonic. If he only ever wants to text you but doesn’t want to see you, it’s possible that he just likes you as a friend. He may love texting you, joking with you, and confiding in you. But that doesn’t mean he wants to get physical with you.

He’s not ready for a relationship right now.

It’s possible that a guy can have feelings for you but still not be ready for a relationship. There could be several reasons for that. They range from work being too hectic at the time to him just getting out of a bad relationship. If that’s the case, he might want to keep building a bond with you slowly over text. He’ll still want to keep you in his life for his future. But he won’t want to move the relationship along any quicker by meeting up in person.

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