What It’s Like To Date A Woman Who Wants It All

She’s smart, strong, and a whole lot of fun. She wants a stellar career, a vibrant social life, and a partner who can keep up with her. In other words, she doesn’t have time for BS. Here’s what you need to know about dating a woman who wants it all and won’t accept anything less:

  1. She’s not here to baby you. She’s not here to make the medicine go down a little sweeter. She’ll call you on your crap, and let you know when you’re being ridiculous and fanciful. Get your ducks in a row before you date a girl who wants it all.
  2. Don’t just look at her — engage with her. If you can’t have a real conversation with her, you’re on the wrong date. Don’t show up if you’re not able to get into juicy, insightful conversations rather than gazing vacantly at her face while she talks. Be there.
  3. If your phone’s on the table, she’s getting up to leave. Chivalry’s not dead — it’s the button that turns your phone off.
  4. Text games are for the weak. Cut the BS and call. If you’re texting each other, don’t play silly games – text back promptly and be up front. We’re not in high school anymore.
  5. She’s not scared of commitment, and she’s not afraid to talk about it. If you have a fear of commitment, or even a fear of talking about what you want out of a relationship, don’t even bother turning up. She wants a partner who’s cautious, yes, but who’s open to building something real and long-lasting.
  6. She’s a feminist. Get on board. Your slack-jawed bros are boring, out of touch, and part of the problem. If those are the people you surround yourself with, think twice. If the word feminism induces dread in you, you need to get back in your lane.
  7. She doesn’t need you. It may be hard to swallow, but here’s the cold, hard truth: she doesn’t need a man — she wants one. Those are two very different things. If she needs you, you should probably run a mile. If she wants you, there’s the potential for a powerful partnership that helps both of you grow. If you feel emasculated or undermined by a woman who doesn’t need you to be there for her, you need to ask yourself why (on your own time).
  8. Her work is important. Sometimes, it’s even more important than you. If you can respect that, you’re more likely to get in her good books. If you feel like you need to compete with her career, you can take that hot mess elsewhere.
  9. Her friends are her family . She hand-picks and nurtures her friendships. She supports them when they need her and they’re the family she’s chosen to surround herself with. If you’re threatened by a circle of independent, strong-minded women, they’ll rightfully chew you up and kick you to the curb. Respect her social circle and help her keep up with them when she needs your help.
  10. She’ll make an incredible partner in crime. Dating a woman who wants it all means dating a woman who has her act together and follows her dreams relentlessly. Pair up with a woman like that, and she’ll end up making your dreams a reality too.