What I Learned From Dating An Uncircumcised Guy

In my late teens and early 20s, I thought I knew everything there is to know about the male body. I mean, a penis is a penis, right? Little did I know there’s a whole world of penises in every shape and size out there, including uncut ones. A little sexual exploration with the latter quickly opened my eyes, but I wasn’t expecting the lessons that came along with it. Here are some mind-blowing lessons I learned from dating an uncircumcised guy.

  1. I thought uncircumcised penises were a myth. I’d never seen one let alone heard of a guy being uncircumcised. I was honestly very confused. Did they actually exist? What did they look like? What does it even mean to be uncircumcised? I was full of questions, sure, but mainly concerns about how I would react if I ever saw one.
  2. The first time I encountered one, I didn’t even know. Being uncircumcised means a man still has an extra piece of skin covering the head of his penis, commonly known as a foreskin. When he gets hard, the foreskin basically pulls itself back. Well, the first time my ex and I hooked up, he was hard before his pants even hit the floor. We were also in a dark room, so I had absolutely no clue that he was uncircumcised.
  3. The second time around was a little different. The glow from the TV was lighting up the room and he was flaccid at the time. When I looked down and realized he was uncircumcised, I was in a state of confusion. I stared at his penis for a moment, even doing that little head tilt you do when you’re trying to get a better look at something. Suddenly, my mind screamed, “OMG, he’s uncircumcised!” I know my face was full of pure shock, but I tried to hide it an attempt to salvage any awkwardness.
  4. After the initial shock wore down, I was actually kind of proud of myself. I had finally seen an uncircumcised penis; cross that one off the bucket list! No words were exchanged after my realization and we continued on with the festivities. To my surprise, an uncircumcised penis worked just the same. Sex was just as pleasure-filled and his penis was just as ugly as all of the other penises in the world. Although an uncircumcised penis felt no different, it did come with few lessons.
  5. It’s a lot easier for women to get a UTI or a yeast infection when a man is uncircumcised. Because the man has an extra layer of skin on his penis, he has to take the extra step to clean it. While in the shower, he must physically pull back his foreskin and clean underneath. Even if he does this extra step, his foreskin is still a breeding ground for bacteria. As a woman, you need to be extra vigilant about washing and peeing immediately before and after sex.
  6. It can take longer to get him off. I was used to having sex for about 15-20 minutes with every guy I’d ever been with. When it started taking the uncircumcised dude an average of 40 minutes to finish, I was kind of taken aback. It turned out that my roommate’s boyfriend was also uncircumcised, and she told me that was actually pretty normal. Their foreskin can easily move up and down, covering their penis. In return, their foreskin can actually stand in the way of an orgasm.
  7. On the flip side of things, a foreskin can also lead to more pleasure. The same motion of the foreskin moving up and down during sex can act as a natural lubricant. Free lube?! Yes, please. The foreskin also has thousands of additional nerve endings, AKA additional happy endings. This can make the penis more sensitive during sex and even turn your guy into a three-pump-chump. Wow, so many politics.
  8. If you’re ready to get hands-on, be prepared to do a little extra work. The first time I performed a hand job on my boyfriend, I realized I had to first pull back the foreskin. I know it seems gross to those of you who have never encountered an uncircumcised penis, but I promise it’s not as bad as it sounds. Think of it as a little piece of wrapping paper you must pull back in order to reach the present. If you master this step, be prepared to take your guy to pleasure town.
  9. Uncircumcised penises are actually becoming quite popular. Either I was expanding my horizons or the universe just found me fit to tell the story of the uncircumcised penis, but I actually ran into another pig-in-a-blanket soon after. I quickly learned that it’s not that uncommon for men to still have their foreskin. In fact, more and more women were choosing not to have their sons circumcised at birth. Circumcision is frowned upon in some religions but is now being avoided due to possible complications and moral reasoning.
  10. If you come across an uncircumcised penis, don’t be alarmed. Take from my experience and try not to be as shocked when you finally see one. Being uncircumcised is actually not as taboo as you may think, especially not outside of America, and it’s becoming increasingly common. You may experience a little fluctuation in how long your guy can last in bed, but ultimately the sex is no different. Be sure your partner takes care of his foreskin, and you two will be the best of little friends.