What He “Likes” On Social Media Can Tell You A Lot About The Type Of Boyfriend He’ll Be

You stalk your crush on social media every now and then to see what he posts, but you should be checking out his “likes” too as these can sometimes tell you even more about him. Here are 12 things his social media activity is revealing about the kind of boyfriend he’ll make:

  1. He’s a charmer. You see him “liking” other women’s photos and feel a bit jealous because they’re women clad in tiny bikinis with perfect bodies. If he’s doing this often, it could be that he’s a bit of a charmer or flirt. It becomes more serious if they’re women on his friend list and he gives them loads of attention. You don’t need a womanizer or superficial guy in your life!
  2. He’s ambitious. He “likes” quotes related to success and motivational career posts. It seems like he mostly uses his social media accounts to network. It’s cool that he’s so driven, unlike your lazy AF ex-boyfriend. It’s also great if he’s so career-minded because he’s more likely to understand and respect your own career goals.
  3. He pays attention to you. If he’s always “liking” and commenting on your posts, he’s making some serious effort to show you that he’s around and wants to get to know more of what you’re about. This is sweet because he’s paying attention and clearly intrigued by you. It’s no guarantee he wants to date you, of course, but it sure does point to something positive.
  4. He’s got past baggage. He “likes” his ex’s posts — not just once in a while but all the time. Whether it’s her gym selfie or life rant, his name will pop up under the “likes” section. Hmm. It could be difficult to deal with a boyfriend who’s so focused on his ex. If they’re always chatting on social media, maybe they’re a little too friendly than they should be.
  5. He’s childish. You’ve noticed a trend of your crush “liking” his friend’s immature and stupid posts. Whether it’s blurry images from their drinking game nights or pranks they’ve pulled on each other through the years, it makes you crinkle your nose to see him getting so excited about such childish activities. Expect to date a man-child or a guy who’s a little too close to his male friends (bromance alert).
  6. He’s self-absorbed. If he “likes” his own pictures, that’s even worse than posting loads of selfies every day. Ugh. Can the guy get any more narcissistic? He’s a clear attention-seeker who’ll be needy AF in your relationship.
  7. He’s creepy. One of the super creepy things a guy can do on Facebook is “like” your posts from five years ago. It means he took the time to sit in front of his computer and scroll through all your posts and photo albums. Even worse is that he made it clear he was doing such stalkerish work by “liking” them. Yikes. Creepy AF.
  8. He’s a drama king. He’s always “liking” posts about his friends’ rants, and he’s the kind of guy who’ll not only “like” such status updates or tweets, but comment with rants of his own — or he’ll argue with the person about what they’re posting. It can become a bit too much. Dealing with him seems to be tiring AF because he loves creating a stir and pissing people off.
  9. He’s sexist. He’ll “like” posts that are rude or discriminatory to women. He might claim that they’re just “jokes” and women should lighten up about them, but no. That’s a BS excuse. Clearly this guy has some sexist issues he needs to deal with — but not on your time. Delete and move on! 
  10. He’s supportive. When you or his friends post something that you need support for, like a new business venture, he’s the first one to “like” the post to encourage and motivate you. This is a cool sign that he’s a supportive guy who’s confident enough within himself to see others succeed.
  11. He’s a family guy. When his friends post things that are more family-oriented, this guy is quick to “like” them. If he does this often, even going so far as to “like” posts from his parents and “like” pictures of his friends’ kids, it could be a sign that he’s family-oriented. Maybe he’ll even want to start a family of his own. A lot of guys are more focused on their friends than family on social media, so this is refreshing.
  12. He’s a private person. Maybe the guy is always online but never actually “likes” anything. Hmm. He could be a more private guy or perhaps he just likes to keep his online life separate from his real one. On the other hand, it could be that he’s got something to hide. Whatever the case, the only way to find out for sure is to stop social media stalking the guy and meet him in real life!
Giulia Simolo is a writer from Johannesburg, South Africa with a degree in English Language and Literature. She has been working as a journalist for more than a decade, writing for sites including AskMen, Native Interiors, and Live Eco. You can find out more about her on Facebook and LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter @GiuliaSimolo.