What Makes The Perfect Kiss? 11 Things That Make Locking Lips With Someone Truly Memorable

If you’ve ever had that kind of kiss, you know exactly what the “perfect kiss” means. Can you describe it, though? It rocks your world. You think about it for days or even weeks on end. His face, his lips, and his touch are all imprinted on the back of your eyelids. When you close your eyes, all you can see and feel is his lips on yours! So, what exactly makes a kiss like that so memorable?

  1. You make eye contact. Before he moves in for the kiss, there’s this moment when your eyes lock and you know something truly amazing is going to happen. Time stops. Your heart beats faster. You stop breathing. For that one little moment of eye contact that comes before the kiss, there’s an electrical current between the two of you. That contributes to kisses you can’t get out of your head.
  2. There’s lots of touching. His hand is in your hair. You touch the side of his face. His hands move down your back. Touching increases intimacy so it makes sense that a kiss that involves lots of touching would feel more intimate and thus more memorable.
  3. Both of you have been anticipating that kiss. You know you were thinking about it all night long during your date. He was likely watching for the right moment. Anticipation builds excitement and excitement makes everything better.
  4. You’ve been flirting with each other for some time. It might have been weeks or days, but the flirtation levels have gone from “let’s see if he picks up what he’s sending out” to “let’s be perfectly blunt.” Both of you are perfectly aware that you’re into each other and it’s just a matter of time before things get hot. Flirtation is half of the fun of starting a new relationship.
  5. The kiss starts slow but intensity builds fast. There’s almost a hesitancy at first, as if he’s afraid of scaring you off or worse yet, getting shot down. You are both controlling yourselves, careful not to appear too eager. Lips touch softly with no tongue. Hands touch gently. Once you’re both confident and sure of yourselves, it gets more intense with deep kisses that last for days.
  6. It’s not too wet. There’s nothing worse than kissing someone who thinks that spitting in your mouth is the equivalent of a passionate kiss. The perfect kiss will be moist, but you won’t have to wipe your mouth on your sleeve after a good make-out session.
  7. Easy on the tongue action. Some tongue is nice in a kiss. It can add to the passion and excitement. But if you feel like you’re just being attacked, that’s not good. So, when using tongue, go easy. Think sensual and teasing instead of pushy and aggressive. The right amount of tongue can make a kiss more memorable for the right reasons. Too much tongue and that kiss won’t be remembered well.
  8. Soft lips make for better kisses. No one wants to kiss someone with chapped lips that feel like sandpaper. If you have a tendency to get chapped lips in the dryer seasons, use a lip balm often. Yes, that goes for you too, guys. There’s nothing wrong with a dude using a lip balm. The women you kiss will appreciate it!
  9. You both get lost in the kiss. Sometimes when a kiss starts, you might feel self-conscious. You’re worried about what your kissing partner is thinking about your kissing skills. You might be worried if your skin is soft enough to the touch or if you smell nice enough. Once you get into it though, if you are both feeling the vibes of a great kiss, you’ll get lost in it. That’s the kind of kiss that will be in your mind for days to come.
  10. You make body contact. As the kiss gets more intimate and you both get lost in it, your bodies will get closer. Not only will your hands make contact with your partner’s body, but you’ll lean into each other. You’ll press your body against his, he’ll pull you in closer, and that just makes the kiss that much more intimate and sexy.
  11. Kisses aren’t just for lips. Let your kisses stray to cheekbones, collar bones, ears, and necks. It’s a great way to start or end a fabulous make-out session. Sweet and gentle straying kisses make you feel adored and cherished. It can slow things down if it is getting too hot and heavy and you aren’t ready to go there. Kissing other body parts is sexy!

Of course, the perfect kiss is in the eye of the beholder. Some people like a wetter kiss. Some people think the perfect kiss should be filled with passion from the beginning. Yet others prefer a soft and slow kiss. How can you know? Pick up on the cues your partner will send out. Is she trying to pick up the pace or is he slowing it down? Perhaps the biggest sign of the perfect kiss is a partner that is listening to your cues!

Danielle has been a freelance writer for 20+ years. She lives in Canada with her dog Rogue and drinks a lot if coffee.