What Men Look For In Women, According To A Guy

Well, what does someone look for in anyone? Sure, there are common traits that are universally reliable—honesty, sincerity, kindness—but what do guys want in a romantic partner?

  1. She doesn’t mind getting dirty. I know what you’re thinking—not that kind of dirty. (OK, that dirty is nice.) No, what I mean is we like a girl who’s willing to go dirt biking, clean a fish, or help plant a garden. Good honest dirty jobs never hurt anyone.
  2. She keeps it clean. Men also want a girl who knows how to carry herself in polite society. A woman with manners and class is sexy. Yeah, I know that’s rich—guys tend to be the ones who are rough around the edges! But seriously, a good woman knows how to class things up when she has to.
  3. She’s open-minded and not stuck in her ways. Men like women who are open to new experiences. People who are set in their ways are boring. It adds spice and excitement to a romance when you’re open to trying something new, and it’s necessary if you’re going to last long-term.
  4. She loves kids and dogs. Nothing tells you more about a person’s character than how they feel about children and dogs. Watch someone closely—do they instinctively smile and respond happily to the site of a giggling infant or a puppy or are they stoic and uninterested? If your heart isn’t moved by a golden retriever puppy, there’s something wrong with you!
  5. She’s sincere and authentic. Honesty in relationships is critical, so please don’t hold back. It’s always better to express things directly and confront us over our defects. It will be better for the relationship in the long run.
  6. She’s straightforward and doesn’t play games. Guys hate head games. Everyone does. Be direct and honest about how you feel. Passive-aggressive tactics don’t go over well at all.
  7. She’s affectionate. Men have fragile egos—that’s something we can all agree on! Few things make men feel safer than showing a guy some affection. We crave it. Of course, everyone appreciates an affectionate touch or gesture, but men are a lot more sensitive than you might think.
  8. She knows how to dress to the nines. Guys are visual. They notice everything about your appearance. A man loves it when his lady gets all dressed up for a night on the town, or even just for whatever. Take the opportunity to get dressed up once in a while—we love it!
Kevan is an eater of sushi, a runner of many miles, and a listener of soul. If you want to connect with Kevan, you can find him on kevanhuston.blogspot.com, at kevanhuston.com and Twitter @kevanhuston.