What These Kissing Styles Say About The Guys Who Use Them

A good way to judge a guy you’re seeing or thinking about starting something up with is by how he kisses. For me, kissing styles mean he’s never going to hear back from me again, while others are a sign that things are going to get so wonderfully heated and fun for as long as they’re in my life. Over the course of my dating life, I’ve kissed a lot of guys, some 0f them princes, some of them frogs. Here’s what I’ve learned about kissing styles and what they tell me about the men who use them.

  1. The playful nibble I love it when a guy gently bites my lips or softly tugs it with his teeth. There’s enough pressure to make me gasp for breath, but not enough to bruise me. It lets me know that he likes to flirt with danger and adventure. I can count on him to have some tricks up his sleeves and to keep things interesting during our dates.
  2. The starving beast You’ve probably locked lips with a guy who attacked your mouth like he was a pit bull that hadn’t eaten in days and you were a juicy piece of meat. He chomps down forcefully, crushes your lips with his, and invades your mouth with his tongue. He thinks he’s being passionate, but in reality, he’s being inconsiderate and a bad kisser who clearly cannot read the room. That’s a recipe for a selfish lover. The kind that doesn’t care whether you orgasm as long as he’s having his fun.
  3. Dracula’s surprise You’re making out and loving every second of it. A warmth is starting to travel across your bones, But then, out of nowhere, his lips are no longer in front of you. You fling your eyes open to see what’s going on, but then his mouth begins pressing kisses to the sides of your neck, up and down your ears, across your jaw and shoulders. You sigh in relief, close your eyes, and disappear into the blinding light of his touch. That’s a sign that he’s the kind of guy who’s not afraid to spice things up.
  4. The slobber campaign Of all the kissing styles guys use, this is probably the worst. Whenever he kisses you, you can feel saliva dribbling down your chin. You feel like you’re swimming in it and are already looking forward to the kiss ending you can wipe your mouth and feel like yourself again. You’re probably smooching with a guy who’s not all that experienced or one that doesn’t care enough about the women he’s with to notice their reaction to his kisses and adjust the technique. Either way, good luck to you.
  5. The lip at a time When a guy kisses you one lip at a time, devoting care to the lower one before moving to your top lip and then back again, it can be dizzyingly romantic. It’s not fierce and passionate, but it hits all the right notes and suggests that he likes taking his time to explore things. He doesn’t believe in rushing the good stuff. He just likes to bask in the moment and fully savor it no matter how big or small it seems.
  6. Slippery delight Saliva isn’t always the enemy. There are guys who know how to use just the right amount of fluids to keep the kisses wet and exciting without grossing you out. They know when to lick, when to suck, and when to drink from your tongue. They’re in total control but are also happy to relinquish it. They will leave you gasping for breath and wanting more every time. They’re smooth as hell and they know it. This is one of the best kissing styles guys can try.
  7. The close-mouthed temptation Sure, open-mouthed kisses are great, but this guy finds the drier kind more appealing. This doesn’t make him a prude or self-conscious, or even a bad lover. He just has an old soul and prefers the softer version of things. He would rather bake his own bread or make his own pasta than buy one from the store. And if you let him get to know you better, he would gladly open up more than his mouth to you.
  8. The brotherhood of the traveling hands When he kisses, his hands always wander, but not in a creepy way. He just likes to weave his hands into your hair, massage the back of your head, pull you in closer by the waist, tease the small of your back. He’s not a fan of just letting his hands sit limply at his side. He’s into you and enjoying every moment of the kiss and this is his way of showing you.  He’s not the kind to shy away from what he wants. He reaches out and takes it— with consent, of course.
  9. Red hot passion Welcome to the land of passion. You’re about to be disoriented, dangerously out of breath, and rethinking everything you know about making out. When this guy kisses you, you feel like nothing else matters in that moment to him other than your lips. He’s fully in the moment, giving his body over to you completely, and requesting that you do the same. There are no half-efforts with this guy. He brings his A-game every time.
  10. The uncaged animal He’s going to stare deep into your soul while nibbling on your lower lip and gently choking you. He will lick your face like you’re the last drop of dessert left on a spoon. Nothing is off-limits or strange to him and he magically gets you to feel the same way too. He draws you into his own special bubble, where the only thing that matters is pleasure and draining every last bit of it. He’s a go-getter and sure to keep you on your toes.
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