What Is Tinder Passport & Could It Really Up Your Chances Of Finding Love?

Always wanted to transport yourself to another place while using Tinder? Well, Tinder Passport will fulfill all of your wishes. It’s a new feature on the app that will allow you to swipe in different parts of the world. The possibilities are endless with this new option.

  1. You can set your location to anywhere in the world. Moscow, New York, Bangkok, the possibilities are endless. You can set your location to be anywhere your heart desires. This then means that you’ll have matches from the area that you chose. It’ll be like you’re transported to that place to meet the people of your dreams. It’ll be super interesting to see what Tinder is like in different places! Same? Different? Guess you’ll have to find out.
  2. It’s good for people who work far away from home. Perhaps you go to work about an hour away from your house, yet you want to swipe away on Tinder on your lunch break (or during work). Tinder Passport solves your problem because you’re able to enter yourself as being in the location that your work is in. This is even especially useful when you have to travel for work. You’ll never miss a potential match.
  3. You can swipe for home while on vacation. While you’re sipping your pina colada on the beach in Puerto Rico, you could be swiping on people back home in Los Angeles. You don’t want to miss out on finding the right person. Swiping while you’re on vacation could be just the time when you meet your match. Or, it could just be a thing to do to kill time before bed. Whatever your circumstance, Tinder Passport is there.
  4. Maybe you’re moving and want to swipe before you get there. You’re getting ready for a big move. You’re just starting to pack up and you’re saying goodbyes to your loved ones. Before you arrive in your new home you want to use your Tinder account to try to start getting connected there. It’s smart to make friends before moving so you don’t feel lonely in your new home. I mean, what if you know no one in the city! You’ve got to change that.
  5. You could even “go” somewhere else if you’re down for a long-distance relationship. This may be a stretch for a lot of people, but for some, it’s not so crazy at all. Perhaps you’re willing to meet someone anywhere in your country. You feel as if you’ve seen everyone in your town and plus you’ve always kind of dreamed of living in Chicago. So, you go on the lookout for someone who might be interested in a long-distance relationship until you two can physically be together.
  6. If you’re studying abroad you could meet babes sooner. This is probably one of the most fun scenarios! You’re at school getting ready for your study abroad semester. Sure, there are a few students who are also studying abroad there, but you want to meet the locals. You set your location to where you’re going, let’s say Amsterdam, then you’re able to meet hotties and friends alike! You never have to feel alone out there if you’re already connected before arriving.
  7. No one back home will be swiping on you. One of the cool things about Tinder is that you can only have one location set. So, if you’re swiping for a place far away, yet you’re in your hometown, you don’t have to worry about being swiped on by your locals. You’re totally safe to mentally transport yourself to a whole other place, free from people from your hometown.
  8. It’s only available to people with Tinder Plus. One thing to note is that Tinder Passport is only available to those who have subscribed to Tinder Plus. The cost for Plus is $9.99 for people under 30 and $19.99 for those over 30. It’s not too steep a cost for those of us who are under 30. Even the over 30 isn’t so bad. You can cancel your subscription at any time, so it’s possible to just invest a little bit in trying it out.
  9. Matches can tell you’re using Passport. One thing that may be a downside is that is that other users can see that you’re using Passport. This could be a problem because it could deter some people from giving you a chance. They might make assumptions about where you’re from or what your intentions are. This may not always be the case, but it’s a possibility.
  10. The feedback about it is good. So far the feedback has been pretty positive about the new feature. Elite Daily reported on some heartwarming stories. One was a man who tweeted “hey @tinder good looks on that passport idea, met this smoke while deployed to Afghan, last week we got married and found out we r expecting.” Such a lovely story and there are more where that came from.
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