What To Do While Kissing A Guy For The First Time

When you’re kissing a guy for the first time, it’s normal to feel anxious yet thrilled. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a first-timer or have been in the game for some time now,  every kiss is unique. The tips below will help ensure you have a mind-blowing kiss every time.

Make sure you’re both on the same page. Before making such a bold move, you need to be sure that he’s attracted to you as much as you are to him. If he likes chatting with you frequently, looks out for you, remembers little detail about you, or gets jealous when he sees you with another guy, chances are that he’s definitely into you. Maybe he’s too shy or nervous to make the first move, in which case, you should definitely help him out.

Flirt with him to set the mood. Now that you’re sure that this guy likes you, go ahead and make some subtle sensual moves at him. Things like sitting close to him, laughing and throwing your head on his shoulder, touching his lap, and staring at his lips while he’s talking, can do the trick. Make it as subtle and natural as possible. He could be talking to you and you interrupt him with, “I love your lips.” Little things like that can go a long way when you’re kissing a guy (or getting ready to!).

You should initiate the kiss. This is really no big deal. Thing is, some guys might get all the memo yet are still unsure how to start. It’s okay to take the lead. You can ask him straight-up whether he wants to kiss you but this may be a bit awkward and embarrassing. A better way to do it is to stop responding to his conversations, move closer to him, staring at his lips for a while, then gently plant a kiss.

Withdraw and allow him to take the lead. Sure, you’ve initiated the first kiss, but let him take the lead. Your lips should touch his gently, then wait while he goes further. Kissing a guy should be like a delicate dance that you both are equal partners in creating.

You should feel free to use your hands. When you are kissing a guy for the first time, don’t just kiss, use your hands as well. You can caress his chest, his back, run your hand through his hair, or pull him close. Using your hands makes the kiss more sensual and romantic. But be sure not to go so fast or aggressive. That’s a huge turn-off. Take it slow and allow it to build up.

Don’t just focus on his lips. Kissing a guy for the first time shouldn’t just end with his lips. Allowing your lips to wander to other erogenous zones like his cheeks, neck, and ears will make the experience more pleasurable and intimate. So, go ahead, kiss, suck, massage and nib him in all these places.

Other things to remember when kissing a guy for the first time

Go somewhere private and comfortable. This is the first intimate moment you’re sharing with this guy, so it’s best to do it in a private spot. Restaurants, stores, playgrounds, or other public places should be off-limits. It’s not only embarrassing but uncomfortable for the people around you. However, if you didn’t plan it and the right moment happens to be in a crowded place, try to go somewhere where no one can see you.

Pay attention to your breath. Kissing a guy for the first time with a bad breath is off-putting and truly embarrassing. So, check your breath. If bad, get some mint, chew gum, or simply brush your teeth. You should also stay away from flavors like onions, garlic, and ginger. This is your first kiss with this person, make it worth it!

Prepare your lips beforehand. Before making this bold move, make sure that your lips are kissable. Rough or sore lips will certainly turn him off and add more awkwardness to the situation. So, use the right products like lip bams to soften your lips and make them succulent. Also, avoid applying thick lipgloss or lipstick. You don’t want to leave your new man soiled with lipstick marks after your kiss.

Don’t overthink it. Just enjoy it! This is your first kiss and you’re probably wondering, “Am doing it right?” “Will he stop texting me after this?” “Will he think I’m cheap?” First off, take a chill pill. He probably isn’t thinking any of that and just enjoying himself. You should do the same. It’s okay to be nervous but try and relax, things will fall in place. Kissing a guy is all about letting go and enjoying yourself. Try to remember that.

Why kissing is so special

The world is full of people obsessed with sex, so much so that we’ve forgotten the simple joy of just making out! Here’s why it’s so underrated.

Kissing a guy is a good way to express your desire. While you may not be ready to sleep with him yet (or you’re hoping it might lead there but don’t want to go straight in for the kill), kissing the guy is a great option. “Kissing stimulates the brain’s pleasure regions, causing it to release a mix of hormones that leave you feeling oh-so-fantastic,” says clinical psychologist Judy Rosenberg, Ph.D. “These molecules include oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin, which are pleasurable and promote feelings of affection and bonding.”

It’s completely innocent. While you’re sure to leave a great kiss feeling like you’re on top of the world, it’s less committal than sleeping with the guy. This means if things don’t work out, you’re not losing much. Kissing a guy is one of the least serious things you can do. That’s not to say it’s not meaningful, just that it keeps the stakes reasonably low until you’re sure the situation and the guy are right.

It doesn’t just feel good, it’s good for you. Humans are social creatures and we crave physical affection. When we get it, we end up feeling way happier and healthier. Clinical psychologist Ana Ortiz-Lugo, PsyD., HSP, points out multiple benefits of kissing, from boosting your immune system to reducing your stress levels. It can even relax tensions and increase your bond with your partner. In other words, it’s a very good thing to do.

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