What Turns Men On? A Guy Reveals 12 Things We Can’t Resist

What turns men on? It’s the age-old question with a simpler answer than you’d probably think. Whether you’re slowly trying to work your way into a guy’s heart or just trying to get him excited for a little bit of fun, there are many things that many of us simply can’t resist. I know it might seem easy to get us in the mood and in a lot of ways, that’s true. But if you want to know what turns a guy on to the point that he can’t resist wanting to be with you, here are a few things that should do the trick.

What turns a guy on and makes him want you

  1. Smooth skin Yes, I know this is obvious and superficial, but that doesn’t make it any less true. It almost doesn’t matter what part of the body. If we can move our hand over a woman’s smooth skin, we’ll start to get excited. That’s not to say that all of us are uptight about body hair, but there’s nothing quite like soft, baby-smooth skin to make us feel a little something.
  2. Wearing a guy’s button-down shirt This one I can’t necessarily explain. There’s just something about seeing a woman wearing one of our button-down shirts that we find irresistible. It probably has something to do with the fact that it usually happens the morning after something good. It also makes us feel good to know that you want to wear our shirt and not somebody else’s. It ignites the possessive part of us and is a major turn-on.
  3. Bare shoulders Again, we’re not exactly reinventing the wheel in terms of what guys find desirable. Seeing a woman in an outfit that exposes her shoulders gives us just enough to start thinking about what the rest looks like. Plus, some guys get turned on by seeing a woman’s neck or clavicle, which are two very underrated but sexy parts of a woman’s body.
  4. Confidence Surprise, it’s not always about your appearance. Men also find confidence quite sexy and appealing. If a woman carries herself the right way and makes it clear that she’s comfortable with herself and confident in who she is, we get turned on by that. Sometimes you just need to act as if there’s something special about you (which there probably is) and we’ll buy into that.
  5. Sincere laughter Most men love nothing more than being able to make a woman laugh. It makes us feel good to know that we were able to crack you up, even if only for a few seconds. That can make us think that you like us, which will then start to turn us on a little. It just has to be a sincere and authentic laugh. If it feels like you’re faking it or forcing the laughter, it’s not as appealing.
  6. A nice smile Sometimes it only takes something as simple as a smile to turn a guy on. I mean, I’m not saying any old smile will do. It has to be a smile just for us that conveys that you’re thinking about us. Seeing a woman smile at us like that can flatter us and make us feel special, which is an easy way to get turned on.
  7. Dancing It shouldn’t be a surprise that dancing can get a guy turned on and thinking about sex. It’s all about being able to see a woman cut loose. When you let yourself go and you’re totally in the zone while dancing, you become far more appealing and we tend to get interested in a hurry. This is even more true if you’re a great dancer!
  8. Taking charge There’s nothing wrong with a woman making the first move or taking charge of a situation. This is one of the best ways for you to make it clear that you want us rather than having to guess. It can be as simple as you saying what you want and doing what you want (so long as you get consent, of course). That way, we’ll know that you’re enjoying yourself and we’ll likely get turned on along with you.
  9. A little innuendo It’s not always images that can turn a guy on; words can do the job too. You don’t have to overdo it or try too hard, but just using a little sexual innuendo can excite us. If we know that you’re thinking about sex, it can help get us in the mood rather quickly as well.
  10. An extra tight hug Who said that hugs aren’t sexy? You just have to know how to hug a guy the right way. Bring him in extra close, squeeze tight, and let the hug linger just a little longer than usual. He’ll feel like he’s loved or wanted and the extra physical contact can also go a long way toward turning the guy on.
  11. The right smell It’s possible to turn guys on with all five senses, including smell. I mean, pheromones play an important role in attraction, right? Of course, all guys are different. Some of us find different smells appealing. But the right smell can definitely play a role in turning a guy on and getting him excited.
  12. Just getting close When in doubt, just get close to a guy if you want to turn him on. You can try sitting on his lap or cuddling up close to him. Just do whatever you can think of to get close and initiate physical contact with him. Sooner or later, but probably sooner, he’ll get the idea and he’ll start to feel turned on by you.

A note about turn-ons

While most things listed above are considered attractive but many men, it’s not a one-size-fits-all thing. Different men are into different things, so if it doesn’t come natural to you, don’t force it. The truth is that when we like a woman, pretty much everything she does is incredibly sexy because we’re so into her. Just be yourself because that’s really hot.

Bryan Zarpentine graduated from Syracuse University and lives in upstate New York, where he writes largely about the world of sports. His work has appeared on Franchise Sports and WSN, among others. You can find him on Twitter @BZarp.