What Women Who Are Lucky In Love Do Differently

What Women Who Are Lucky In Love Do Differently ©iStock/pixdeluxe

I don’t buy that only “beautiful” women are lucky in love. Different men find different types of women beautiful, and beauty is only aesthetic, anyway. There are certain things that women who are lucky in love do and ways they behave that contributes to their luck. If you want to mimic their success, try these 8 things to get lucky in love.

  1. Be real. Women who are lucky in love are true to themselves and shine because of it. Nobody likes a liar or a fake. Being your authentic self is what makes you unique, and what makes you attractive, too.
  2. Be upfront. Women who don’t play games and who are upfront about what they do and don’t want are endlessly appealing because so many other women are too busy being confusing and annoying. Don’t be shy about saying what’s on your mind. Any man worth your time will understand.
  3. Be confident. You’re hot, so act like it! If you act too shy or self-deprecating, he isn’t going to find you sexy and endearing. Know your worth going into things, because not only will that confidence radiate, but it’ll let him know you won’t put up with any crap.
  4. Be independent. Men want to feel needed, but they don’t want a clinger. Independent women are lucky in love because they don’t need a guy, they just want them. What guy wouldn’t like that?
  5. Be happy. Sure, the sulky, pouty thing can be sexy at times, but if you’re just generally a miserable person, you won’t be lucky in love. No one expects you to be bubbly all of the time, but you should be content with where you are in life, or making steps to change it if you’re not.
  6. Make an effort. Men are more emotional than they let on and they want to feel like you care enough to try. Don’t go overboard, but understand that relationships take work and be willing to put that work in if you want to create a strong and lasting relationship.
  7. Enjoy yourself. Men want women who have a good time no matter what they’re doing. Even if it isn’t the best thing you’ve ever done, try to find the fun and play in it and you’ll instantly be more attractive
  8. Don’t try so hard. Desperation is not pretty. Love lucky women aren’t desperate because they know that love will happen and they’ll be ready when it does!
C. is an aspiring yogi and Ph.D student who loves her dogs, bright lipstick and to travel. Find her on IG @drparko121314