What You Can Learn About A Guy From The Way He Hugs

When you like a guy, it’s only natural that you want to get inside his head to figure out what he’s thinking and what his deal is. Obviously, asking him straight up and establishing solid communication is probably the best way to do this, but if you’re just trying to feel him out casually at the moment, I get you. Here’s how to determine the meaning of the hugs guys give you. Weirdly enough, they can tell you a lot about who they are as people.

  1. The one-handed hug If he’s heading out after a date or saying a quick goodbye as you leave work and gives you a one-handed hug, he’s definitely into keeping things lighthearted. It means that either a) the guy is uncomfortable with performing this physical gesture with you, b) he’s super awkward, or c) he’s just trying to be nice but isn’t feeling it. Either way, the meaning behind this one generally isn’t all that positive.
  2. The lingering hug If you’re “just friends” right now or even if you’ve just started flirting, hugs that linger indicate that he wants to get closer to you and stay there for a while. Maybe he’s feeling you out to see how you’ll react and if you hang onto him a bit longer as well. Of course, situations matter here. If you’ve just gotten really bad news or are visibly upset about something, he could just be trying to comfort you without any romantic undertones.
  3. The hug with a back rub The meaning behind this kind of hug conveys a huge sense of comfort. It’s not the kind of hug a guy who considers you a stranger or a casual acquaintance would give. It implies a level of intimacy reserved for good friends or romantic partners and it means he feels totally at home with you.
  4. The hug with complimentary cheek kiss This is most likely the type of hug a guy will give you as you part at the end of the night. If you’re not really in a place where a full-blown makeout session would be appropriate just yet, he might hug you tight and then kiss your cheek to show that he’s a gentleman but that he does care for you. Cheek kisses alone carry a lot of meaning. They don’t always mean that he’s trying to avoid your lips. Instead, he could just be showing you a gentle gesture of affection.
  5. The hug with a pat on the back Oh man, this one is a doozy. I probably don’t have to tell you the meaning behind this type of hug as it’s painfully, awkwardly obvious. You don’t pat someone on the back unless you’re dismissing them, in a way. It couldn’t be clearer that he doesn’t really want to be hugging you and that the guy wants you to know you have no chance in hell of a romantic relationship with him. Ouch!
  6. The hug from behind Another super intimate way of connecting, a hug from behind means you two are in a solid place. It implies that he sees himself as your protector, in a way, and wants to shield you from harm by keeping you close to his body. He’s also sharing his body warmth with you, which indicates deep affection. It takes a while before a guy will give you this type of hug – likely several weeks or maybe months into your relationship – but when it comes, it feels amazing.
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