What You Can Learn About A Guy From His Instagram Feed

Meeting a new guy and hitting it off can feel like you’ve won the lottery… until you exchange social media handles. Now you have to worry about what he’s going to think about your Instagram account. Is he going to scroll all the way down and discover those dark moments before you hit your glow-up or is going to get bored after a few pictures and move on to someone more interesting? The good news is it works both ways, and you can certainly figure out the kind of person he is by simply scrolling through his Insta posts.

  1. He’s extremely self-obsessed. It’s always bad news when a guy has way too many selfies about himself on Instagram. It’s either he narcissistic or he’s trying to make up for inadequate self-esteem so he’s constantly trying to gain validation by posting numerous selfies and hoping they get enough likes to make him feel like a king. Sure, he might try to pass it off as self-love, but he’s really just high on his own supply.
  2. He’s always looking for the next fun thing. If a huge chunk of his pictures are about him partying or traveling someplace for no reason other than just the thrill of it, that’s the kind of guy who only collects memories. He’s not too interested in staying in and just getting to know someone because there’s always life out there somewhere waiting to be lived. He might have a hard time building relationships because that would mean settling down and giving up on his wandering ways, which he probably isn’t ready to do yet.
  3. He frequently shares posts of the women he’s dating. It’s really sweet when a guy is not trying to be dodgy and hiding his relationships like it’s some kind of nuclear launch code, but being too showy about it is not exactly ideal. Although it seems affectionate, it could be that he struggles with insecurity so he shares these pictures with gushing comments to deflect away from it. Is the caption “my woman” his way of being cute or marking his territory?
  4. He cares about how he presents himself. Nothing is less attractive than a guy who’s always looking a few missed personal hygiene routines away from being homeless. You know the guy whose pictures you want to throw a comb or a clipper at. If a guy is always dressed to impress in his Instagram pictures, then there’s a good chance he’s disciplined and behaves in an orderly manner. He’s also likely to be more mature and not interested in playing childish games.
  5. He likes to write long fake deep captions about everything. Well, get ready for the most pretentious ride of your life. This guy can write a 500-word essay on the importance of minding your own business under a picture of pigeons eating crumbs off the ground. He thinks he should have an intelligent opinion about everything, and worse of all he thinks these opinions are the smartest nuggets ever uttered by anyone.
  6. He posts every remotely interesting thing he ends up doing. If you’re going to fall for a guy, at least save yourself the pain of having to fall for one who thinks every moment of his life is a Disney movie. There’s absolutely no reason to upload pictures of his food and cocktails or every random place he visits. I get that Instagram is an app that really encourages your vanity to jump out, but can he please dial it back a bit?
  7. He’s not a photographer but half of his feed is dedicated to nude models. Everyone loves looking at smoking hot pictures of random women, but it starts becoming bizarre when you dedicate your personal Instagram page to worshipping these shoots and gushing over the women in the picture. Does he just want people to see that he loves pictures of sexy women? Maybe he’s trying to send a message to potential lovers to level up? Seriously, what is he hoping to achieve?
  8. He never posts pictures of other girls. After scrolling and scrolling through his Instagram feed and being unable to find a single picture of an ex-girlfriend or just some woman he’s really close to, you might want to readjust your expectations. He’s probably not the kind of guy who is into PDA online and might not come around to showing you off if you get into a relationship with him. This is not to say that he’ll be a terrible boyfriend, he’s just not the kind of person to gush about his love interests.
  9. He’s just a regular guy trying to lead a normal life. He shares a new picture once in a while just to show that he’s still around, replies meaningful comments and just engages with his followers in a normal way. He’s not trying to hide any skeletons in his closet and you can tell.
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