What You Need To Know About Dating The Girl Who Never Gives Up

Some of us have been hurt time and time again; but no matter what obstacles temporarily knock the wind out of us, we get up and we keep trying over and over again, knowing that eventually, we will get it right. Here’s what you need to know about the girl who tries over and over again:

  1. Her hope will always be stronger than fear. It doesn’t matter that she’s been through a lot of tough crap — she keeps trying and she peels herself off the ground no matter what wounds she carries with her on the rise. Fear might be hanging out in the background, but the hope fights every battle and wins every time.
  2. She focuses on the positives, hoping it will earn better results. Even though she has every reason to be concerned and every reason to doubt, she looks at the positives when she meets you because of that aforementioned hope. She’s a fighter and she’s in it to win it, even if it means she has to lose a hundred times to get there.
  3. She trusts. She’ll trust you with everything she has inside, even if you don’t necessarily deserve it as quickly as she gives it. She believes that giving her trust to a new relationship is better than walking in timid or jaded. But if you break her trust early on, she’ll walk away, knowing she can try all over again with someone who will treat her better.
  4. Fear is always in the back of her mind. As strong as she is to keep trying, she places fear on the back-burner. It’s always there, but it doesn’t always make it to a boil. She’s going to weigh doubts in her own mind. but she always comes back to the mentality of living in the moment and taking a risk, even if it means another ending.
  5. She won’t give up easily. The girl who tries over and over again won’t just sit back and let nature run its course. She puts real effort into the relationships she sees potential in and she won’t give up on making it the best it possibly can be. She’s the woman who will care about you despite your flaws and idiosyncrasies.
  6. She thrives on pursuing her dreams. She’s a dreamer and she’s someone who lives in the belief that there’s someone for everyone, even though her search has been much harder than the norm, and even though she’s been given every reason to give up entirely. But there she is, trying all over again.
  7. She’s a realist. She doesn’t believe in the fairy tale life, because that dream ended long ago. Instead, she’s created her own version of the fairy tale that includes battles, scars, and moments of weakness. She knows relationships aren’t magic but the magic lies in the willingness to try anyways.
  8. Her heart is strong, but it can still break. She’s faces a lot of heartbreak and disappointments in her life, which has built a resiliency that’s almost impenetrable. She can still break from time to time, but she takes the gamble regardless, because she knows that she can repair whatever could be broken. It’s worth wagering for a possibility of never having to start over again.
  9. She’s fierce and always ready. She’s the woman you want to be with because even when everything was supposed to break her down and make her cower in fear, she put one foot in front of the other and she carried on. If you have her attention, she’s worth taking a chance on.