What You Need To Know: 10 Important Health Concerns For Millennials

What You Need To Know: 10 Important Health Concerns For Millennials ©iStock/Klubovy

With each generation comes a new of list of health concerns. While the list isn’t meant to scare you, what it is meant to do is keep you aware. Our generation has our work cut out for us in many ways, including our health. So here’s why you need to keep yourself informed about, in regards to the most common health concerns for millennials.

  1. Antibiotics will no longer be effective. Although antibiotics, for years and years, was the stuff that cured so many infections, in this day and age antibiotics are losing their effectiveness because, as human beings, we’re building a tolerance for them.
  2. Binge drinking. Binge drinking has become a severe problem with Millennials, with 18 to 34-year-olds engaging in binge drinking the most, about four times a month. Binge drinking is any drinking session in which five or more drinks are consumed in two hours or less. Not exactly your liver’s dream situation.
  3. Being single. Although being single doesn’t sound like the end all be all, but the shift in society to the thought that marriage is an outdated concept can actually take physical and mental toll on Millennials. Being in relationships make for healthier people than those who are single. In fact, being single is, apparently, just as dangerous as smoking or obesity.
  4. Mental health. According to stats about 7% of those between 20 and 29 have suffered from depression in the past year, and 9% of those in the same age bracket suffer from anxiety and panic disorders, and major depression on a regular basis. Roughly 28% of Millennials are medicated for one thing or another and 23% of that group on are on antidepressants.
  5. Bad relationships. Who hasn’t found themselves in a bad relationship then lingered in it, although you knew you needed to leave, far longer than you should? Well, because it is actually a pretty common mistake, poor health as a result of bad relationships is a definitely a common health concern for Millennials, with 13% of them staying in those crappy relationships, and needing to be medicated for it.
  6. Preclinical disease. A “preclinical disease” is, by definition, the “diagnosis of a disease in the absence of any symptoms.” Basically, what this means is that diseases continue to evolve faster than cures for them can be found.
  7. Obesity. Although this isn’t too suggest you should ever skimp on pizza, but obesity affects one-third of Millennials, with 58% of them admitting to eating junk food and drinking soda frequently. The obesity rate in Millennials is higher than the rate in their parents’ generation, and of course leads to a whole boatload of other health concerns like heart disease and diabetes, among others.
  8. STIs. Despite the vaccine, 45% of women between 20 and 24 have tested positive for HPV, 25% of teens will contract an STI every year, and 50% of sexually active Millennials will get an STI or STD before they’re 25. Takeaway? Use a damn condom!
  9. Sedentary lifestyles. In a world where electronics rule our lives, all that time in front of the computer, iPhone, and other devices prevent us from being truly active. The negative effects that come with all this sitting around can result in neck pains, eyestrain, headaches, and even diabetes. The social isolation can also lead to depression and even suicide.
  10. Stress. Along with Generation X, Millennials are tied with being the “most stressed generation.” Between worrying about finding jobs that pays enough, finding work in the first place, and overall daily concerns, Millennials are hella stressed, which contributes to depression and heart disease. Basically, they should be giving out Xanax like it’s candy to Millennials.
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