What You Need To Know About Guys Who Are Greedy In Bed

Not every sack session is a home run, and women are no strangers to that. We often end up having to fake reaching that sweet spot, yet we have entire magazines catered to giving us intimate advice about how to please a man. We study the science to pleasing our partners and yet have been met with ones who fail to provide the same courtesy in return. When men are greedy in bed, it’s a tell-tale sign of how he does relationships. Some men are just a little clueless and need some coaching — namely, they need us to be vocal as to what we like and need from them, but other times, it’s just that the dude in your bed is greedy. Here’s how to identify and what you need to know about guys who are greedy in bed.

  1. He’s selfish in general.Guys who are selfish in bed are generally selfish in life, overall. He demonstrates selfish tendencies and probably talks about himself a lot, with little interest in getting to know your details. Expect this to translate into the bedroom. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.
  2. He doesn’t kiss you during intimacy. You’re not in a professional film. You’re not the hired woman for the evening. You’re a prize and you should be kissed. Kissing during intimacy creates the intimacy necessary to connect on the level you need to, well, enjoy it. If it’s a meaningless one night stand and that’s what floats your boat, then by all means — have at ‘er! But if you’re not willing to kiss the person you’re sleeping with, you probably shouldn’t be sleeping with them in the first place.
  3. A little innocent fun is actually just his play. Beware of the man who doesn’t go down on you but expects you to go down on him. He is a player. Don’t play with players.
  4. He asks you if you’re close… a lot. If he asks once to gauge where you’re at to make sure you’re in sync, cool. If he keeps asking you in a hurried and impatient way, he really doesn’t care about your needs. You can try to intervene and send a solid message by letting him know what he can do to help you get there, and then observe to see if he’s willing to oblige.
  5. There’s zero romance. A guy who’s greedy in bed will likely make little effort to make you feel special outside the bedroom. In addition to no kissing leading up to the actual deed, there won’t be any physical or emotional connection efforts on his part, either. This means no soft touches, compliments, playing with your hair, kissing your neck, and no pancakes in bed the next morning.
  6. He has low stamina. If it’s been a while since he last slept with someone, okay, cool — we can let that slide. But if he’s routinely reaching the finishing line before you’ve even done your warm up, it’s because he keeps getting away with not doing any real work besides thrusting at the speed of a 100 meter Olympic sprinter.
  7. He whines for intimacy. Nothing is more unattractive than a man who nags you for it and then once given, he’s a total hack in the sack. If he’s begging for it, he’s clearly not putting in the work to build the desire you need to sleep with him. And yes, we know sometimes it’s the woman who’s “always tired” or whatever else men tend to routinely say, but the truth is, when we have a reason to be turned on, we will want to get down to it.
  8. He’s clueless about your weak spots. And he never cares to try and find them. We’ve all got hot button places that amps us up and if the guy glosses over these very important details, please consider glossing over him, permanently.