What You Should Know About The Woman Who Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve

Being a woman who wears her heart on her sleeve comes with its own benefits and challenges. There’s a lot about her that you won’t notice right away since her true beauty is hidden just below the surface. Give her half a chance, however, and she’ll love you more than you ever would have thought possible. Whether you’re dating her, she’s your best friend, your sister or your daughter, there’s a lot about her that makes her tick a little differently. This is what you need to know about the woman who’s not afraid to let her heart lead the way.

  1. She appreciates simplicity. She’ll notice all the details, right from the good morning text you send to grabbing her favorite latte as an afternoon perk-up. She doesn’t need diamonds or luxury; she just needs to feel thought of and cared about.
  2. She’s sensitive. She’s the type who will tear up in a cute movie moment, even if it’s animated. And she’s not afraid to let you see her at her most vulnerable. She wears her deep feelings with pride.
  3. She’s genuinely thoughtful. She’s the type who’ll remember the little details and make mental notes to surprise you with them later. If you say you love red velvet cheesecake, she gets you one for your birthday. If she asks you about anything about your life, whether it’s how your day was or what your last vacation was like, it’s because she genuinely wants to hear about it.
  4. She wants to make everyone happy. She’s always thinking of ways to make her friends, family, and the people she cares about happy. She enjoys seeing people smile and feels the enjoyment as if she was receiving herself.
  5. She’s helpful. She’s the first one to offer to help you with a project, because she just wants to help make it easier for everyone. She’s willing to help her friends move, plan a surprise party, or even just offer a shoulder to lean on in support for someone going through a hard time.
  6. She’s caring. She cares deeply about the people she invests in and she makes sure that they know it in the way she treats them. She’s concerned, compassionate and understanding of struggles and she’ll go through the lows with you the same way she does the highs.
  7. She thrives on her happy emotions. When she’s happy, she’s beaming. It’s like a glow you can see from across the room. She’s the type that can be so happy that it actually brings tears to her eyes, and like her sensitivity, she’s not afraid to let you see it.
  8. She’s always smiling. Even when she’s upset, she’ll try to force a smile in there at some point. She’s human. She’s bound to have lows like anyone else, but she’s in tune with her heart and she looks at whatever positivity she can to keep her smile alive.
  9. She’s taken for granted. When a woman has a big heart, it’s likely she’s been taken advantage of a time or two before. She’s probably lent her helping hand and her caring heart to someone who didn’t appreciate it or reciprocate it in return.
  10. She’ll make you feel special. This is a girl you want to have in your life because she’ll make you feel appreciated if you know how to treat her right. She’ll never forget a birthday, and anniversary or an event that’s important to you because she treats others the way she wishes to be treated.
  11. She’s grateful. Just as she appreciates the little things, she’s also grateful for everything she has and is given. She’s polite and thankful whether it’s about the roof over her head, or the amazing people in her life. Because the girl with a big heart is surrounded by love, and that’s because she gives it too.