What Your Favorite Sexual Position Says About You

In a perfect world, all sex would be good sex. While that’s sadly not the case, we all have a favorite sexual position that’s pretty much guaranteed to take us where we want to go, so to speak. Just as you can tell a person’s personality from their taste in music and fashion, you can also gain plenty of insight on a person based on their favorite sexual position. Here’s what yours says about you.

  1. 69 Although most ladies shy away from this position, it can be really enjoyable if you let yourself get into it. This style is when you and your partner are orally pleasuring one another simultaneously. If this is your favorite sex position, then it indicates that you’re big on reciprocating love and attention. It’s also a green flag that you don’t always need to be in the spotlight.
  2. Missionary For some ladies, this style might be as boring as watching paint dry. But others enjoy it a lot mostly because of the amazing intimacy, as well as the eye and skin contact you make with your partner. There are different styles of missionary, with the most common being the guy on top of the woman. If you usually default to this position anytime you hit the sheets with your partner, chances are you’re a shy person and you prefer your partner to take the lead. It may also mean that you’re laid-back and not adventurous. According to UK advisor for Pleasy Play and certified Sexologist, Lucy Rowett, “If this is your favorite, it could mean you value closeness, feeling safe, and feeling held in the rest of your life too.”
  3. Cowgirl The cowgirl position is a super adventurous sex position where you stay on top of your partner and straddle him to orgasm. A lot of ladies love this position more because it allows for more vaginal stimulation and they get to control the pace and rhythm of the act. If you fall under this category, then you’re most likely to be adventurous, confident, and very sexy.  Juliette Karaman, the founder of Feel Fully You, says that “opting for the cowgirl in the bedroom suggests you’re at ease with your body and you’re comfortable with your partner.” It also shows that you’re a woman who knows what she wants and gets it without any form of inhibition.
  4. Reverse cowgirlLet’s be honest, the reverse cowgirl position isn’t just for any woman. It takes a certain level of sexual expertise to stay in this position perfectly. As the name indicates, you’re straddling your man but in a reverse style. Your love for this position says a lot about how confident and good you are at pleasuring your partner. You know how best to spice things up in the bedroom while having full control over your orgasm. You’re a woman who knows what she wants and loves calling the shots in a romantic relationship. You’re also confident in your appearance and sexual prowess. Professionally speaking, you’d probably make a great boss.
  5. Doggy Style Doggy is a deeply penetrative sexual position and many people’s favorite. For adventurous, naughty ladies, this is the perfect style to get on edge and experience mind-blowing orgasms. If you love this position, it shows that you’re sexually liberal and extremely confident in your body. It also means that you’re very free-spirited, naughty, and into trying new kinks. Nikki Ransom-Alfred, a Certified sex expert and entrepreneur, says of those who enjoy this position: “You’re a bit of a naughty girl that enjoys kinky sex, which is awesome!” It may also mean that being dominated by your partner is an ultimate pleasure thrill for you.
  6. Spooning Spooning is another incredibly intimate sexual position. There’s more cuddling and slow sensual penetration. Ladies who love this style are mostly helpless romantics and sensual lovers. You love your partner being slow and sexy in bed. You’re also high on receiving constant reassurance from your partner. If you’d rather have your guy spoon you, then it means that you’re shy and reserved. However, if it’s the other way round, chances are you love protecting your loved ones. You’re like a “mother hen”.
  7. The lotus Another favorite sexual position most women enjoy is the Lotus Position. It involves your man sitting upright with their legs spread slightly open while you straddle him with your legs wrapped around his back. It is almost like the cowgirl position. The difference here is that both of you aren’t lying down. Ladies who love this position are known to be sensual, and classic lovers who love taking things slow and steady. You also value the intimacy and comfort of having skin-to-skin contact with your partner.
  8. Edge of the bed This isn’t an official sex position, per se, but there are lots of ladies who love it. Here, you lie on the bed but with your hips pushed over the edge of the bed and your legs on your partner’s chest while he stands close to the bed and penetrates. If this position is one of your favorites, it simply means you’re an open-minded and adventurous lover. You love taking risks and are willing to forge your own path. It also shows that you prioritize your own satisfaction and don’t mind doing anything as long as you’re deeply sated.
  9. The Amazon A lot of ladies also don’t engage in this position because of the flexibility and level of expertise required. However, the few who do are considered domineering. The position involves the man lying on the bed and raising his knees to his chest. You then squat down, riding him from the space between his raised knees. Chances are that you’re the more controlling one in your relationship. You also love taking initiative and you prioritize yourself and your needs a lot. According to sex expert, Dr. Shannon Chavez, “The Amazon sex position is named because it puts the woman in control.” Your love for this sex position also shows that you’re a daring lover, who’s not ashamed or shy to flaunt her sexuality.
  10. The Pinner This position is a variation of doggy style but you’re simply lying flat facing the bed with your legs spread slightly while your partner penetrates from behind. You’re a laid-back lover if you’re usually opting for this sex style. You get along with anything as long as you’re not stressing yourself out. And most of all you enjoy following your man’s lead.