What’s The Worst Age To Be Single? Survey Says One Number Is Lonelier Than The Rest

There really is no right age to find your Mr. (or Miss!) Right. Love isn’t linear and it comes at different times to different people, but it’s natural to get a bit antsy when you start noticing everyone around you settling down and you’re still spending your evenings swiping left on Tinder and wondering how much longer you’re going to remain single AF. Unfortunately, there’s an age when your lack of prospects might be worse than others, and chances are, it’s just around the corner (or already here).

According to a survey taken by dating website Plenty of Fish, 33-year-old women have the worst luck at finding love, particularly online. They receive the fewest number of messages from eligible guys, which doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t find love, just that they’re way less likely to do so — at least on POF. Slightly more depressing but not at all surprising is that 25-year-old women have the most luck. Figures, right?

But what is it about being 33 that drastically reduces a woman’s online dateability from so many guys’ points of view? Who can say? Perhaps it’s that generally speaking, your 30s is when women begin to seek more serious relationships that may lead to marriage and kids. That’s certainly not the case across the board, but not many 33-year-old women are looking for random hookups, one-night stands and almost relationships. Given that guys mature more slowly — sorry, it’s a fact — is it any wonder that they might be less likely to reach out to women who are looking for something more serious?

Whatever the case, don’t get too discouraged. After all, you don’t need a man to be happy. You can and probably do live an amazing, fulfilling life without a guy, and you wouldn’t want one who’s not on your level anyway. Anyone who’s intimidated by a woman who knows what she wants and won’t accept anything less isn’t worth your time.

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