Where Your Relationship Should Be After Dating For 6 Months

If you’ve been dating someone for 6 months, you might feel like you’re standing on more secure relationship ground. That’s not your wishful thinking at play here. While every relationship will hit dating milestones at different speeds, you can expect some things to be real for you if you’ve been together for so many months. You’ve entered coupledom. Here’s what you can expect to happen – and what you should be doing to secure your future together.

You’ve started stashing memories. After dating for 6 months, you and your partner should be making memories together. Chances are you’ve been spending lots of time together, you’ve seen pretty places, and had awesome experiences, all of which are making you some amazing memories together, which are sure to make you connect and feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you scroll through your IG feed to see what you’ve both been up to.

You’ve had some fights. By this point in your relationship, you’ve probably had quite a few arguments. You’ve definitely had your first fight, which probably felt like a scary wobble in your relationship. But, you made it through, which bodes well for your relationship and makes you feel more secure. You guys are stronger than you were.

You should’ve met his vip party. Whether it’s his closest mates or his family members, you should’ve met his VIP party – in other words, the people who know him the best besides you – by the six-month mark. It’s a good sign that you’ve met those closest to him because it shows he’s willing to let others in your life know who you are. I mean, he really should be doing so by this point!

You should feel you’re compatible. After dating for 6 months, you’ll have gone through some good and bad times, so you’ll have a better idea of just how compatible – or not – you are. You should see that you have things in common, such as when it comes to your values and where you’re headed in future. Things are getting real!

You’re not blinded by the honeymoon phase. When you started dating, you felt like you were on drugs. You felt mad about the person and they seemed perfect to you. However, by the six-month mark, that illusion is over. You feel connected to the person, but you’re under no illusion that they’re perfect or that the relationship is perfect. This is a good thing because it means it’s real. You and your partner can see each other’s flaws but still want to be together.

You know if you’re exclusive… or not. By the six-month mark you should obviously know if you’re official and exclusive, or if you’re just hanging out and you’re not going to have a long-term future. If you don’t know that, then you’re on unstable ground or you’re holding out for the person to come around and fall for you or make things official. You could be wasting your time here. Dating someone for six months is a long time – you gotta DTR by now, ladies!

Where you should be after dating for 6 months

You’re gazing at the future. If you’re both exclusive, official, and committed, which you should be at this point if you’re still together, you should be thinking about what the future entails and be sure that you’re headed in the same direction. For example, it’s cool to know if you’re going to be moving in together at some point or if you’ve talked about marriage in the distant future. At the very least, you know you’re headed in the same direction together.

You don’t panic when left on read. At this stage in your relationship, you don’t have to feel freaked out about what happens when your boyfriend isn’t around. You feel you can trust him, so if he doesn’t reply to your text right away you don’t immediately think he’s over you or dating someone else on the side. It’s a relief to have relationship zen.

You can talk about your previous relationships. When you’ve been dating for months, you can talk about how you’ve grown from your previous relationships, and your exes, without feeling like your partner’s not letting you into their past or hasn’t recovered from it. However, you’re not obsessed with your respective pasts because you’ve moved on. Bliss.

You have a life outside of your relationship. In the first few months of your relationship, you might spend all your spare time with your partner and call them all the time. But once you settle into a relationship and have been dating for six months, you cool down a bit – in a good way! You have some time to yourself and your own passions, hobbies, and interests, and your partner has their own life outside of the relationship too.

You’ve started the passional love phase. This phase occurs from six months to four years of your relationship and it’s when you’re maintaining passion in your relationship but your intimacy and commitment have increased. So, even though the rush and excitement might have subsided a bit, this stronger type of love has brought you closer.

You’re in tune with each other’s emotional needs. You know each other better at this point in your relationship so you know what you both need from each other emotionally. For example, you know when your partner needs some time to themselves or when they wanna talk about their bad day, and you’re also in tune with each other’s love languages.

You’re working on a great sex life. While the sex might have been amazing in the early stages of your relationship when you were fuelled by so much lust and attraction, by the time you’ve dated for six months you should know more about what you both love in the bedroom and be open to each other’s sexual needs. You should be able to communicate your needs, both inside and outside of the bedroom.

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