10 Things You Should Do With Your Guy While You’re Still Young

If you’re in a relationship with the person you plan on spending the rest of your life with, it’s easy for you to put off the things you want to do, because you know you have your whole lives to cross them off of your bucket lists. However, there are plenty of things that you and your boyfriend should do together before you get old and grey. You don’t want to wait, because these things are meant to be done while you’re still young.

  1. Travel to intense places. When you’re older, you’ll still be able to travel, but you’ll probably want your vacations to be more peaceful. For now, you should ride roller coasters at theme parks, go skydiving and bungee jumping, and take long road trips. Go on the adventures that you know you won’t have the energy or patience for as adults.
  2. Have sex everywhere. While you’re still young and flexible, you should have sex as often as you can. Just don’t settle for doing it in the same spot every single night. Go to new locations, experiment with new positions, and use new props. Go as crazy as you can.
  3. Take plenty of pictures. When you’re older, you’re going to want to look back at all the fun things you did when you were young. You’ll love seeing snapshots of yourself before you had wrinkles and sagging breasts, which is why you should take as many pictures as possible, even if it seems shallow.
  4. Join a gym together. You’re filled with energy, so you might as well use it. If you don’t want to join a gym with your boyfriend, then you can take daily walks with him around the block or do yoga together in your backyard. Find any way you can to get active as a couple.
  5. Adopt a pet. You might plan on having kids one day. When that happens, you’ll have to be careful with what pets you buy, because they might not get along with the baby. Before you become parents, you should buy that breed of dog you’ve always wanted and raise it together. It’ll be a little test run for your future family.
  6. Go to music festivals. Even if you don’t like any of the bands playing at a music festival near you, it’s a great place to meet people, get drunk, and enjoy your youth. Besides, if things get stale, you and your boyfriend can find a corner to sit and chat in. Nothing will be boring when you’re with him.
  7. Create a YouTube channel. If you love to bake together, create a cooking channel. If you love to exercise, create a fitness channel. You can even create vlogs about your day to day life. Don’t worry if you don’t get any views, because at least the videos will always be there for you two to look back on.
  8. Make an Etsy store. If you and your boyfriend want to own your own business one day, start by creating an Etsy page to sell your crafts. You can create wood carvings, necklaces, or anything else you’d like. It’s a great way to learn how to work with your man as a team.
  9. Go on cheesy dates. Don’t be afraid of being cliché. Go to carnivals, zoos, and museums. Go apple picking, canoeing, and mini-golfing. Do all of the things that you imagined doing with a boy when you were a little girl. When you’re with the right person, those silly things will be a blast.
  10. Plan your dream life. The older you get, the more realistic your goals are going to look. That’s why you two should plan out what your dream house will look like and what your dream jobs would be right now. That way, you’ll still be dreaming big and can set high goals for yourself.
Holly is a science fiction and horror writer, who has recently been published by Flash Fiction Press, Infective Ink, and Popcorn Press. You can find more of her nonfiction articles on All Women Stalk, The Talko, and News Cult.