Whipped Baileys Coffee Is The Ultimate Boozy Wake-Up Call

Whipped Baileys Coffee Is The Ultimate Boozy Wake-Up Call Baileys

Chances are you’ve already tried Dalgona coffee at this point and love it. You’ve also probably tipped a bit of Baileys in your morning brew now and again (and if you haven’t, you should). But what about combining both of those things into one delicious beverage? Whipped Baileys coffee is basically the tastiest, booziest way to wake up and you’ll love it.

  1. Whipped coffee can get a little boring, I suppose. While it’s undoubtedly delicious, Dalgona coffee’s thrill is in the chase, so to speak. By that I mean that since it became a crazy trend, everyone felt like they sorta HAD to make it. And yeah, it’s REALLY good and I totally get the hype. However, I also love all the creative variations people are coming up with because they’re almost even better than the original, if I may.
  2. Adding Baileys to your whipped coffee just makes sense. Again, Baileys and coffee were already a marriage made in heaven, so why wouldn’t it go with the whipped version too? It does! Especially now that we’re all stuck at home pretty much nonstop, I think we can all appreciate a little extra kick.
  3. It’s really easy to make. Where the original whipped coffee called for equal parts water, coffee, and sugar whipped to a thick consistency and then poured over milk, the Baileys version is much the same. The only thing that’s changed here is that people are adding the Baileys to their milk and then pouring the coffee over it. It couldn’t be simpler.
  4. You don’t even have to use the original Baileys. You can add in any variety of Baileys you’d like, like Red Velvet Baileys or Strawberries and Cream Baileys, for instance. Any twist you’d like to put on it, you can. This is your whipped coffee. Live your best life! It’s going to be a tasty one.
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