White Chocolate Nutella Exists And We’ve Never Wanted Anything More

Nutella is pretty much the perfect snack. It goes well on toast, mixed into brownies and cookies, or even on a spoon directly out of the jar. I was pretty much of the opinion that there was nothing you could do to improve upon it or make it any more delicious. Then I saw that someone created White Chocolate Nutella and my whole brain exploded.

  1. The unicorn product was shared on Instagram. Australian snack specialists Bruce Super Convenience were sent a jar of White Chocolate Nutella by fellow food reviewer The Snack Controller. A photo of the jar was then shared on Instagram where I immediately fainted and turned green with envy that I don’t have this in my hands (or my stomach).
  2. Sadly, it’s not a real product. As @brucesuperc captioned the photo of the jar, “This blessed jar was sent to me by @thesnackcontroller – and I need to thank his/her/their beautiful soul for creating this thing of beauty, and sending me one. This jar, with that logo so famous, is found on shelves ALL over the world… but alas, it’s always a dark brown color… milk chocolate flavor. This one has a white – slightly golden – color, and even look at the toast in the picture, it has a white spread on it! Ok, I’m going to be bombarded with messages and DM’s [sic], so let me answer right now – no, this is not a real product, and no, you cannot buy your body’s weight of this product!” I’ve never been sadder to read something in my life!
  3. The question is, why not? I know loads of people would buy this, myself included, and I’m honestly surprised it hasn’t been done before. However, maybe if the right people see the post, Nutella might get some ideas…
  4. It’s like a spreadable Kinder! “The spread smells like a Kinder dream, and it tastes even better. It does remind me of one of my ALL-TIME favourite Kinder snacks, the White Schoko-Bons. It has the familiarity of a Kinder product, with a strong hazelnut influence, and creamy white-milk-chocolate (can that be a thing?!)” the original post added. And now I have to stop writing because I’m sad I’m not eating this.

Jennifer Still is a writer and editor with more than 10 years of experience. The managing editor of Bolde, she has bylines in Vanity Fair, Business Insider, The New York Times, Glamour, Bon Appetit, and many more.