Who Needs A Boyfriend When You Can Cuddle With A Giant Stuffed Pig Trotter?

While being in a relationship is overrated sometimes, cuddling is pretty much the best at all times (except in mid-summer when it’s 9,000 degrees and your AC is on the blink). If you’re sans-boyfriend but still want to get cozy, forget dudes and cuddle up to this giant stuffed pig trotter pillow, which is totally, inexplicably a thing.

  1. It won’t steal the covers or roll over once you fall asleep. Yeah, you’ll have to play big spoon every time, but at least you know the trotter is guaranteed to be there beside you when you wake up in the morning, still cradling your head in the curve of its hoof. Talk about romantic!
  2. It won’t spoil Big Little Lies for you because it saw something about this week’s episode online. Nope, the pig trotter pillow will just lie there, allowing you to lay back in comfort and watch Laura Dern shout about how she’s not NOT going to be rich without anyone running their trap. Sounds like a winner to me.
  3. It’s (literally) larger than life. This little piggy measures in at roughly 20 inches long (though they are available in even larger sizes), making it a perfect cuddle companion. That is if you can get past the whole “cuddling with a glazed and charred-looking pig trotter” thing.
  4. It makes a great gift for pretty much anyone. According to the seller on Amazon, this pillow is great for “adults/kids/boys/girls/dogs/cats” and I presume anyone and anything else you want to give it to. I’m not sure how they came to this conclusion but let’s go with it.
  5. Apparently, this pillow will “melt your heart.” Again, the seller insists this “squeezable and huggable” pillow—which, again, is shaped to look like/depicts a pig’s foot—is “ready to give hugs, and will melt your heart with its sweet face and soft plush fabric.” There’s a lot to unpack there and I think it’s probably better if none of us think of it too much.

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