Why Are Men So Intimidated By Strong, Independent Women?

Why Are Men So Intimidated By Strong, Independent Women? ©iStock/a-wrangler

These days, women don’t need a man’s permission to take charge of her own life and totally kick ass at it. Unfortunately, there are some guys who don’t take too well to the strong, independent type and likely feel intimidated by them. What’s the deal? It’s 2015; haven’t we evolved past this outdated mentality? Apparently not. However, the first step in changing things is understanding why they’re wrong in the first place. With that in mind, here are a few things that shouldn’t scare men, but instead inspire them to find a strong woman of their own ASAP.

  1. She brings home the bacon. Sometimes men feel emasculated by a woman who out-earns him. Why wouldn’t you want someone who brings more to the table to add to the empire you’re building? A woman with goals and a serious work ethic is sexy, so guys need to get on board.
  2. She stands up for herself. Yes, men like to feel like the tough guy who comes to a woman’s defense in her defense in damsel in distress moments — we totally get it, but that doesn’t make it right. Strong women can look after themselves just fine, thanks (though yes, it’s sweet that he cares).
  3. She’s a problem solver. She doesn’t get bent out of shape when something doesn’t go according to plan. Instead, she re-evaluates and takes action to make it work. This goes for her relationships, too. She likes to clear life’s hurdles with as much poise and composition as she can.
  4. She’s simultaneously strong and graceful. Strength in a woman doesn’t mean she’s unruly. She can still be as delicate and graceful as every other kickass woman in life — they’re not mutually exclusive.
  5. She’s confident. She doesn’t need anyone else’s approval because she approves of herself. She takes good care of herself in every way — physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and socially — and doesn’t rely on external praise to build up her self-worth.
  6. She doesn’t need a man to live a fulfilling life. Some people still put way too much emphasis on relationships and marriage. If a relationship isn’t present, what’s a woman supposed to do — bake cookies and leave a Hansel and Gretel trail straight to her vagina? She bakes cookies for her damn self, and certainly doesn’t need a man to help her have fun eating them.
  7. She’s not in competition with anyone but herself. Why are we still in a battle of the sexes? This whole men vs. women thing in the game of equality is getting so boring. Seriously. If you need to be better than her, you probably don’t deserve her.
  8. She values her intelligence and is always learning. An intelligent mind is never a bad thing, so why do some men sometimes tell a woman she’s “too smart”? It means she can have a healthy conversation with you as well as keep things on the lighter side. Beauty is dangerous, but intelligence is lethal.
  9. She doesn’t need you, she chose you. She’s got her basics covered, and she can stand on her own. Despite being strong minded, intelligent, resourceful and independent, she chooses to be with you. Being chosen over being needed is a whole different thing — an amazing thing.
  10. She’s still a woman. There are all kinds of women in this world and they all deserve to be appreciated. Whether she’s quiet and submissive, or opinionated and independent, we’re all part of a beautiful gender and each one should be celebrated for her own unique qualities, strong and independent women included. She’s really not that intimidating, she’s just strong.