Why Being A Third Wheel Isn’t So Bad Sometimes

Why Being A Third Wheel Isn’t So Bad Sometimes ©iStock/Courtney Keating

Most people think of the third wheel as the pitiful single friend who tags along with her friends who have coupled up. I’m not sure why being the single person is such a bad thing. After all, isn’t it just three friends hanging out? Sure, two of those friends have certain benefits, but they can do that when you’re not around.

When you get rid of the stigma, it’s actually beneficial to be a third wheel sometimes. As long as you give your couple friends some privacy now and again, they’re happy to have you along. So forget what anyone else says and enjoy all the benefits of third wheeling.

  1. Learn the dos and don’ts of relationships. What better way to learn what does and doesn’t work in a relationship than by hanging out with a couple? Your friends could give you all the advice in the world, but seeing them in action helps you to see their advice in action. For instance, your best girl friend might say her boyfriend loves shopping. You go with them and see the frustrated looks he shoots her behind his back.
  2. Remind yourself how great it is to be single. Couples aren’t perfect. You’ll likely see your couple friends argue, compromise and do things they’d rather not do and never get any time apart. Suddenly, being single doesn’t seem so bad. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want without worrying about your partner.
  3. You get double the friends. Sure you could just hang out with your best friend. Or, you could hang out with her and her boyfriend. As long as he’s a decent guy, you’re getting to hang out with more people without all the hassle of texting everyone. You make plans with her and she brings him along.
  4. Every girl needs a great guy friend. It doesn’t matter how many great girl friends you have – you still need a guy’s perspective sometimes. What better guy friend than the one you’re friend is dating? You already know he’s into her, so there’s no risk of him thinking you want more than friendship. It’s perfect.
  5. Sometimes you get free food. Let’s go back to the “parental” mindset of couples. When you go out with them, they’ll often pick up the tab. It’s kind of like being their kid. While it doesn’t happen all the time, free food sometimes is definitely worth being a third wheel.
  6. It makes you feel a little less alone. In your desire to never be the third wheel, you’re left sitting at home on Saturday night. You could be out with a couple, having fun and forgetting all about being alone. Trust me, it won’t feel awkward. It’ll just seem like being with two really good friends.
  7. You look obviously single… and guys notice. Let’s face it, it’s usually pretty easy to tell which two are the couple and which one’s the single person. Let the couple be your wing people. Guys aren’t as intimidated by you hanging out with a couple as they would a group of women. Display your single status proudly and guys will take notice.
  8. You’re more comfortable doing couple things. There’s some things you really don’t want to do alone. You don’t have to actually be in a couple to do couple-like things, like going out for a nice dinner or watch a romantic movie with a couple. Instead of looking lonely by yourself, you’re just part of the couple and enjoying all the benefits without being tied down.
  9. You’ll show your friend you’re supportive. You think you’re doing your friend a favor by not third wheeling her; she just thinks you hate her boyfriend. Hang out with the two of them sometimes. It shows both her and him that you support their relationship.
  10. It’s all about fun, not impressing anyone. When you go out with the girls or by yourself, you’re busy trying to impress everybody. When you’re with a couple, you don’t care. You’re not competing against your friend for a guy’s attention and the guy you’re with only has eyes for your friend. You get to relax and just have fun.
  11. It reminds you that love actually exists. Anytime you hang out with a couple that’s completely into each other, you can’t help but realize that love exists. Sure, you might want to gag at how cute they are, but it gives you hope that you’ll find that same feeling one day.
  12. You get to meet his friends, too. Did you think her boyfriend was a hermit before her? Seriously, he has male friends who are probably single. The more comfortable he is with you, the more likely he is to introduce you to some of his sexy single friends.

Don’t avoid being the third wheel anymore. Enjoy it. You’re still a part of the couple’s life, so why not hang out with them sometimes?

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